Should I Bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

Should I Bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

Get your present etiquette questions answered.

So, a loved one just got engaged and you’ve been invited to the engagement party. While you’re excited to celebrate with the couple, you’re stressing about one thing: Are you supposed to bring a gift to the event? Here, we break down the etiquette of engagement presents, from whether or not you should give one to what it should be.




Is an engagement gift required?


First things first: If someone you know gets engaged and they’re not throwing a party (or you’re not invited), you don’t need to get a gift. If you want to send one, by all means, go right ahead, but no one’s expecting you to. Even if there’s an engagement party and you’re asked to attend, however, you’re not required to bring a present. Of course, many celebrants will. The only time that it’s frowned upon to get one is if the couple specifically requests ‘no gifts.’


If you’re buying one, what should it be?


If you decide to purchase an engagement gift, know that it doesn’t need to be anything big or expensive. A simple token of congratulations—like a bottle of wine—is more than enough. That being said, you can also ask the couple if they’ve started compiling their wedding registry. In the event that they have, feel free to select something from their wishlist to bring along. Again, though, this definitely isn’t expected. It’s just another source of inspiration if you’re searching for ideas.