Platinum Engagement Rings to Love for a Lifetime

Platinum Engagement Rings to Love for a Lifetime

Platinum engagement rings are known for their durability and high quality. But can we just talk about how gorgeous they are?



Oval Engagement


This large platinum engagement ring also boasts a lot of glamour. Check out the size of that oval center diamond, beautifully set on an eternity band studded with more hardware. Knowing that it’s platinum holding everything in place gives us more confidence about the quality and durability of this stunning ring.



Emerald Cut


The emerald cut is an old-school but ever timeless choice for an engagement ring. Thankfully, we are learning to appreciate the individuality that this unique shape and cut affords in comparison with other platinum engagement rings. And who wouldn’t? We all want one now!



Fit for a Princess


Bedazzled, bejeweled, and of course topped with a large princess-cut center diamond, this ring is perfect for a woman who likes to live life to the fullest. Paired with a bottle of Champagne, this ring is going to be one fit for a future queen!



Asymmetrical Style


We bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this asymmetrical platinum and diamond engagement ring. How did we know? Well, we certainly haven’t! So captivating with its unique look, we simply couldn’t keep ourselves from doing a double-take.



Simplicity is Key


Go modern with your engagement ring choice and embrace quality over quantity. Upgrade your metal from gold to platinum and find an interesting cut which will look perfect on a simple, clean band. No “Plain Janes” here!



Celtic Details


If you are looking for unique platinum engagement rings, start exploring different styles and influences. This organic design is strongly influenced by Celtic designs, resulting in a surprisingly refreshing and delicate ring.



Double Halo


Layer on the sparkle with this double halo diamond engagement ring. As if the all the glitter from the eternity band and center diamond wasn’t enough, the two rows of halo will have you blinding people with its brilliance.



Antique Appeal


A traditional round cut diamond engagement ring, the platinum band is further played up by some side pave diamonds shining from all angles. The amazing durability of platinum means that it’s easy to find an antique piece which you may later choose to hand down to your children.



Something Blue


Reminiscent of a beautiful Kaleidoscope, this cushion cut platinum engagement ring shows off one-of-a-kind craftsmanship reflecting trends of days gone past. The sapphires highlight the geometric design while also lending “something blue” to your bridal outfit.





Though this ring isn’t purely made of platinum, we’re happy that the prongs holding these lovely diamonds in place are. It’s nice to know that we can benefit from the durability of platinum and the addition of rose gold details together.