5 Movie Themed Engagement Session Ideas That Are So Cinematic

5 Movie Themed Engagement Session Ideas That Are So Cinematic

Are you and your sweetie total movie buffs? Are the Oscars your Superbowl? Does your perfect Saturday evening date night involve wine, takeout and Netflix marathons? If so, consider a movie themed engagement session to announce your upcoming nuptials!




Sweetly Romantic Up! Shoot


If there’s a more romantic two minutes in movie history than the beginning montage of Up!, we sure haven’t seen it. It makes even the most tough cookie shed a (happy!) tear. Plus, that bunch of colorful balloons makes for such a stunning photo for a springtime shoot.


Friday the 13th


Scary Cool Friday the 13th Shoot


While there’s no horror in marrying the love of your life, there is fun in making your engagement session playful and creative, which is why we love this Friday the 13th inspired shoot so much.


The Notebook


Endearingly Romantic The Notebook


Heart eyes all around for this gorgeously done Notebook inspired engagement session. Who wouldn’t want to play out their most romantic daydreams IRL right before their wedding? These two definitely give Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams a run for their money.


Back to the Future


Super Fun Back to the Future Shoot


Great Scott, is this Back to the Future engagement session the coolest or what?! This concept is so cinematic in its own right, it looks like a real life movie poster on the side on the outside of a theater. Which means you’ll want to enlarge this one to hang in your newlywed nest.


Sexy Mr. and Mrs. Smith Shoot


Sexy Mr. and Mrs. Smith Shoot


If you and your S.O. secretly wish you were spies (who doesn’t?!), this sexy Mr. and Mrs. Smith inspired engagement sesh is for you. Plus, you get to wear some seriously stylish clothes that just scream “date night!”