The Best Places to Propose in NYC

The Best Places to Propose in NYC

Looking for a place in New York City to pop the question?


There are so many great locations, that it is hard to pick the very best places to propose in NYC. No matter where you pop the question in this amazing city, you really can’t go wrong.


Central Park offers so many beautiful ways to propose, including in a rowboat. This couple above had their proposal captured from a distance with the towering buildings of Manhattan behind them.


And one of the most wonderful aspects of proposing in Central Park is that there is a beautiful backdrop no matter the season. In spring you can wander the paths, breaking out your more colorful dresses to shake off winter’s blues.


The city offers some of the world’s most easily-recognizable landmarks. Some of the best places to propose in NYC are those that will be instantly familiar in photos sent to friends and family. This couple above had their photo shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge last autumn. Take your photographer to your favorite landmark and get them to take great images of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.


Of course, one of the most classic NYC destinations to propose is the Empire State Building. Soak in the legendary view of the city and add your love story to the many proposals there before you.


Just keep in mind that your proposal won’t be quite as intimate as what you’ve might have seen in the movies. Rarely is the Empire State Building quite so empty as it is in Sleepless in Seattle or An Affair to Remember. Just plan accordingly, and understand there probably won’t be a quiet moment, so just go for it!


When you live in a city as large and bustling as NYC, your apartment is an oasis. When you want a proposal for just the two of you (and a handy photographer to shoot the moment), pop the question closer to home.


Do the two of you have a favorite pub, coffee shop, or bakery? Perhaps it is where you first met, or maybe just the place that makes those insanely good pastries that have become a weekend requirement. Either way, consider taking your proposal there. Just make sure she sees the ring in the cupcake before she dives in.


You also escape to a NYC location that offers you a sunset view of that glorious skyline!