The Cutest “Just Engaged” Photos from Instagram

The Cutest “Just Engaged” Photos from Instagram

Whether you’re just engaged or you’re a sucker for ring selfies, we’ve got you covered.


just engaged 1


Merry & Bright


Cozy weather, festive decorations and family gatherings are just a few reasons why the holidays are a great time for getting engaged. From the clever sign to their winter outfits (and that ring!), this Christmas themed “just engaged” moment is 100% picture perfect.


just engaged 2


For the Future Mrs.


One of the first things that stands out here is that gorgeous sparkler! But if you look a little closer, you’ll see there’s more than one gift indicating her brand new relationship status. While the emotion isn’t captured here, this such a fun idea for the athletic couple who just got engaged.


just engaged 3


Sneaky Moments


Okay, so there’s no marriage proposal (yet) but props to this photographer for creativity. This crafty idea of a “before” shot is a great way to announce happily every after. Major bonus points for a backdrop of one of the world’s most romantic locations.


just engaged 4


The Close-Up


Let your new engagement ring speak for itself. We love how she shows off her “just engaged” status with a simple #ISaidYes moment.


just engaged 5


Jumping for Joy


An engagement marks an exciting moment in your lives, so why not capture your fiancé’s reaction in the moments to follow? We have heart eyes for her ring and that perfect manicure, but it’s his reaction that completes the photo.


just engaged 6


Man’s Best Friend


“Dad proposed, I ate the rose petals.” Appropriately captioned, this bride-to-be’s fiancé included their dog in one of the cutest Insta announcements ever. We’re all about including pets in proposals (of course, as long as your pup doesn’t try to eat the ring).


just engaged 7


Checked Yes


Simple and nostalgic, it doesn’t take much for this chalk proposal to warm our hearts. It definitely makes an adorable backdrop for that ring selfie.


just engaged 8


Starbucks Lovers


If you’re committed to a coffee habit like this bride-to-be, a photo like this one is a must-have. Give credit to the second greatest love of your life with a pic of your usual order featuring the symbol your new relationship status.


just engaged 9


To Infinity & Beyond


For an extra symbol of forever, these two combined a ring photo with an infinity sign. Talk about the ultimate picture of eternity, it’s easy to create and one of a kind.


just engaged 10


Selfie of a Selfie


Featuring two sweet selfies in one picture, this creative “just engaged” photo just wins. If you recently got engaged, share with us – we love seeing your newly engaged moments via Twitter and Instagram!