What You Shouldn’t Do Right After Getting Engaged

What You Shouldn’t Do Right After Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is an exciting time, but there’s no need to rush things! Here’s exactly what you shouldn’t do right after the proposal.


Bridal jewelry and wedding dress


Saying yes to the dress, stat.


Many of us have dreamt of the picture-perfect wedding gown from a young age. Even if you’ve had your eye on a specific one for quite some time, don’t run to buy it as soon as you have the ring on your finger. Consider trying on a few different options (even some that may not catch your eye immediately) and listen to suggestions from your best ladies and stylists. It takes time to find a dress that flatters your figure, fits your style and your budget but don’t let that stress you out. Enjoy every moment of your shopping experience – it’s fun and exciting, so there’s no need to rush it!


Beach wedding ceremony


Announcing your location and wedding date.


You’ve been dying to book that mountain lodge for your NYE nuptials, but the venue says it has limited availability during the holidays. Or maybe monsoon season happens to fall during the springtime, so that tropical destination wedding may need to be postponed. No matter the circumstances, don’t go around telling people the day and place of your wedding until you’ve signed a contract. It’ll save you the embarrassment (and your friends and family the airfare costs) of communicating the wrong details.


Bridal party wearing mismatched bridesmaid dresses


Choosing your bridesmaids.


It’s one thing if you already have your heart set on your sister as your maid of honor. But whatever you do, don’t send out the bridesmaid asks (especially if you plan on having a long engagement) until the two of you have sat down and discussed the details. Think about your friendships and determine your guest list before you decide.


Showing off engagement ring


Changing your relationship status on social media.


If you haven’t called your nearest and dearest to share the news, they probably won’t enjoy learning about it via Facebook. And we don’t blame you if you can’t take your eyes off of that pretty new ring, but a million ring selfies every day is an excessive way to get the point across. As enticing as it is, make sure you follow proper etiquette before announcing your fiancée status to the world.


Wedding table with flower arrangements


Selecting every single wedding detail.


Give yourself a break before you go Pinterest crazy with wedding boards! Take some time to let that newly engaged status sink in and celebrate your engagement before you start planning the next best moment of your lives.