10 Alternatives to a Diamond Engagement Ring

10 Alternatives to a Diamond Engagement Ring

You can still have a bauble that feels very “engagement ring” without all the traditional elements.



Cuprian Tourmaline


The beauty and intense color of this ring was made for the bride who dares to stand out! With soft textures and shapes, this piece exudes femininity and dash of romance.



White Topaz


A white topaz ring looks a little like a traditional diamond ring. The difference is in the subtle blueish hue of the stone that makes it uniquely beautiful. This stone is nestled into a four prong setting with a delicate gold band.



Opt for Opal


Symbolizing faithfulness and compassion, an opal ring can be a meaningful alternative to the traditional diamond. We love the way this round cut opal glitters with different hues!



Black Diamond


There’s something mysterious about a black diamond engagement ring. If this gorgeous round center stone doesn’t give you butterflies, maybe the dainty pave diamonds around the band will.



Moissanite Stone


Feel free to swoon over this vintage find! This moissanite engagement ring looks just like a traditional diamond bauble but it’s much more affordable. The intricacies in the milgrain detailing and pave diamond halo are all part of the heirloom charm we love about this ring.



Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring


Everyone needs a little “something blue” on their big day! Mixing femininity and modernity, this blue sapphire engagement ring is a lovely choice.





Blue-Green Montana Sapphire


Oh, the elegance! This emerald cut ring is everything we love about traditional style, but with a deeply dramatic hue. Perfect for the bride that wants a conventional ring with a little twist.



Pink Sapphire


We’re tickled pink! Luscious in color and adorned with detail, this ring was made to make a statement. Garnished with pink sapphires and finished off with a rose gold band, the warmth of this ring is what makes it so attractive.



Citrine Bauble


Even if it’s not your birthstone, citrine makes for a gorgeous engagement ring stone. This hexagon selection is so captivating in color and design, it’ll make you smile every time you put it on.



Emerald Stone


We can’t resist a well-designed ring! This emerald engagement ring has all the detailed elements we love about Art Deco style, with hints of French embroidery inspiration.