10 Modern Round Diamond Rings

10 Modern Round Diamond Rings

Put on your sunglasses! These round diamond engagement rings might just blind you.



Classic Statement


This classic 4-prong setting and glittering band of diamonds shows us why women love round diamond rings so much. Most round diamonds are cut in such a way that there is a multitude of facets to play with the light, creating a true sparkler. This center stone is over 2 carats. Not too shabby.



Bold Cathedral Setting


The cool thing about a cathedral setting like this one is that it is contemporary and timeless all at once. It is definitely a strong look, with the band only slightly thinner than the width of the round center stone.



Round Halo


Classic halo settings have come back in a big way for round diamond rings. This one features a full circle of diamonds, as well as a diamond-encrusted band. The biggest bonus to the halo setting? It gives a round diamond the illusion of being even bigger, so this is a terrific option when you don’t want to splurge on a huge center stone.



Giant Dazzler


When you follow trends, you realize that everything comes back into style again. This vintage round diamond ring was made in the 1920s, despite its thoroughly modern appearance. We admit, we put this one in our round-up just to sigh over. At over 3.5 carats, this ring has a price tag usually reserved for SUVs or college tuition.



Rustic Chic


When searching for your perfect engagement ring, check out varied styles of bands. It could be that you want something unique to highlight the beauty of your round diamond. This branch-inspired band is ideal for boho or rustic chic brides that want a ring that fits easily into their style aesthetic.



Art Deco Inspiration


With a decidedly Art Deco vibe, this sweet round diamond ring set is terrific for brides who want a ring that feels personal and original, but not overpowering.



Black Diamond


Go with a black diamond to add drama and mystery to your engagement ring. We love how colored diamonds can reflect a bride’s individual taste so well. This round diamond is flanked by two smaller trillion-cut white diamond side stones.



Echoed Shape


Enhance the shape of your round diamond engagement ring with a matching band that follows the curve of your stone. Because of the directional element in this set, brides will love how it elongates their finger.



Modern Minimalism


If you lead an active life, or you simply don’t want a large diamond ring, this darling option may be just what you’ve been looking for. Remember that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to find a ring that you will love forever.



Colorful Luxury


Looking for something a bit grand? This attention-grabbing ring will definitely make your friends do a double take. With a floral-inspired design this round diamond rests against a halo of pink diamonds, giving it a flash of color.