10 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

10 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Set yourself apart from everyone else’s Instagram ring photos.



Vintage Significance


If you want a unique engagement ring, you often have to look no further than an antique jewelry store. These romantic rings each have their own distinct history and an existing love story that can add extra significance and meaning to your purchase.



Petite & Demure


Not used to wearing jewelry? Don’t get caught up in carat envy! If you want something petite and demure to go with your active lifestyle, find a ring that is ultra-thin with a tiny stone.



Stacks o’ Style


Stackable rings have grown in popularity for a unique engagement ring statement. For you fellas out there, this is also a great option if you want to pop the question with a ring, but also want to pick it out together. Buy an affordable set of stacking bands that she can continue to wear as an accessory after you select the actual ring.



Unconventional Materials


Unconventional materials are fantastic for brides who prefer non-traditional accessories. Find bands made of everything from cement to wood to fit your own eclectic style.



Embossed Design


It’s not just stones that make an engagement ring special. We love the effect of embossed designs on otherwise traditional engagement rings. This woodcut pattern is sweet, but also subtle.



Chunky Fit


Do you tend to favor wide, chunky rings? For brides who prefer a heftier accessory, this contemporary band features inlaid diamonds and a brushed finish.



Trending Stone


Turquoise is back in a big way right now. If you want your wedding ring to be just as trendy as you are, opt for a combo of this blue-green stone and a pretty rose gold band.



Stunning Sparkler


When you want a unique engagement ring, you might want to consider really dynamic and alternative settings, such as this Art Deco-inspired starburst.



Modern Shape


Modern minimalism is sweeping engagement ring trends right now, but if you want something a little different, opt for a stone in a bold shape.



Lucky Charm


Take a step back in history with a Claddagh engagement ring. An Irish tradition, when you wear this ring with the heart facing outward on your left hand, it indicates that you are “taken.”