10 Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings to Drool Over

10 Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings to Drool Over

Prefer your jewelry with a vintage twist? These 10 engagement rings are absolutely timeless.



Art Deco Style


This Art Deco-inspired engagement ring features a bold double halo setting with ‘petals’ each featuring a small diamond. In the center is a round diamond. For a bride that wants to make sure that she has a truly unique engagement ring, this is a stunning choice.



Baguette Cut


Another feature to examine when shopping for vintage inspired engagement rings is the cut of the stone. As with any accessory, trends come and go and then come back again. Baguette cuts may not be all the rage at this moment, but have been extremely popular before. Definitely associated with 1930s glam, this geometric cut is really beautiful.



Engraved Bands


Add some vintage style to a traditional diamond engagement ring by finding one with a hand engraved band. These finely crafted details definitely add to your ring’s heirloom potential!



All-Out Glam


The current modern trends are all about minimalism and simplicity, but some brides have more glamorous preferences. A ring absolutely covered in sparkle has a vintage appeal all its own. This band has inlaid diamonds all the way around, and the ring has a stacked halo setting.



Colored Gemstones


Diamonds haven’t always been the go-to stone for engagement and wedding rings. And using a colored gemstone can instantly make your ring stand out from the crowd on Instagram. We adore this oval aquamarine ring with its scalloped rose gold band.



Geometric Settings


Sometimes all it takes for your ring to have a vintage vibe is a classic setting. This 4-prong square setting for the pink princess cut sapphire inside looks like a generations-old family treasure.



Colorful Accent Stones


Walk around a vintage jewelry store and you’ll soon find out that previous generations loved bold gemstone accents. Whether emeralds, rubies, or sapphires, everyone from the Victorians to your grandmother appreciated a pop of color.





We hope this ring trend returns soon! Pearls are actually very common in vintage engagement rings. Especially in a setting like this one, with a slightly Egyptian influence, brides in the 1920s and 30s favored this style.



Luxurious Decadence


Of course, we all love vintage inspired engagement rings that are way too over-the-top for us to actually buy, but that are fun to admire. This diamond stunner features a 4.5 carat center stone and retails at just under $71,000. Because, sure.





We’re all for things that are the best of both worlds: chocolate and peanut butter, cheese and crackers, and of course, vintage and modern. Find a contemporary ring that features vintage details alongside modern styling, This yellow gold ring with black diamonds is all the more gorgeous with its matching bands to wear alongside.