11 Heart Fluttering Cluster Engagement Rings

11 Heart Fluttering Cluster Engagement Rings

There’s nothing like a new bridal trend to catch our attention, and cluster engagement rings has it! This fresh style features multiple stones in a variety of cuts and colors.



Romantic & Feminine


Crushing on rose gold? This white diamond rose gold ring just might be the one for you. We love the soft, feminine shapes of the pear cut and round diamonds. Just a glance at this ring and it’s love at first sight.



For The Minimalist


While many cluster engagement rings can be quite elaborate, there’s also a place for a dainty bauble in this trend. This find is just as gorgeous as the rest with its petite charm. If you know you want a dainty diamond, check out more of our favorite minimalist finds.



Toast Worthy


This white diamond cluster ring with champagne sapphires deserves a toast! The way the warm tones of the gold band and sapphires pair with the bright white diamonds is part of its captivating charm. This is one of our favorite cluster engagement rings.



Vibes Of Modernity


Looking for something more modern? The variations of shapes and stones on this ring exudes contemporary design.



Warm Tones


When looking for an engagement ring, you want something that fits you. If you have a passion for sunset colors or ruby is your birthstone, this orange and ruby sapphire ring might have been made just for you.



Raw Brilliance


There’s something about a raw diamond that’s so enchanting and this ring is no exception. Its asymmetry with the apricot and yellow sapphires gives it such a gorgeous, organic style.



By the Sea


We love that cluster engagement rings give you the ability to showcase lots of gorgeous tones and themes. This lovely find takes us right to the ocean. The pale sea foam greens, vivid whites, and baby blues form a sea glass color story across the band. It’s the kind of piece you can’t wait to “sea” on!



Something Blue


An emerald cut is always an elegant choice. This ring features an extra dose of sophistication adorned with mismatched stones giving it unique flair. The deep blues, bright whites, and vivid gold band play nicely together. This is our favorite kind of “something blue.”



Celestial Feels


Everyone wants an engagement ring that they are over the moon for and the ethereal style of this ring will have you dancing among the stars. The gorgeous center stones surrounded by a crescent of bright white diamonds is the perfect blend of brilliance and celestial.



String of Pearls


And swoon. This string of unique stones and accent pearl is absolutely stunning. Who knew how beautiful mismatched stones could be?



Shape & Texture


Cluster engagement rings let you play with all kinds of shapes and textures. From the rough cut diamonds to the bright pops of color, and all with an intertwined gold band, this ring is full of rustic style with a touch of elegant charm.