12 Unique Engagement Rings for the Perfect Proposal

12 Unique Engagement Rings for the Perfect Proposal

You choose a time, date, and location that is unique to you as a couple. Why should the engagement ring be any different?



Keep It Simple


We hope you haven’t forgotten about the gorgeous rose cut solitaire diamond. A unique geometric shaped diamond in a low profile setting is guaranteed to be a ring to remember.



Fit for a Princess


Want a reminder that you are a princess? There are plenty of engagement rings to choose from, but pick a ring that reflects your personality. The setting itself is stunning, but the band is a knockout, too!



Something Blue


Forget about diamonds and add a pop of color instead! If you’re shopping around for engagement rings then make sure to consider a stone in your favorite color. It’ll be a unique ring and one you simply have to say yes to!



Make It Pear Shaped


How about a pear setting with a twist? Literally. Creating unique engagement rings can be as simple as an eye-catching band. Pick one with a twist and for an inventive shape.



Change the Color


Make sure your ring is as unique as the proposal. Grey can be in, too! Forget everything you know about traditional and go for a ring that is guaranteed to get attention.



Pattern Play


The design of the band can take an engagement ring from stylish to stunning. Try adding a pattern or earthy element to the band to turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece.



Halve a Halo


A half-halo setting has never been more beautiful! A unique color coupled with a mesmerizing setting will have heads turning everywhere you go.



Geometric Crazy


Love different geometric patterns? Pick your favorite and make it our own. Go one step further and choose a speckled gray diamond too. No one will be able to claim that they’ve seen an engagement ring quite like yours!



Better Than One


An engagement ring can be a meaningful and symbolic extension of your personality. We have more than one facet to ourselves, so make sure your ring reflects that. Pick another metal or stone to create an accent and gorgeous two-tone ring.



Lengthen Your Look


You can play with the setting and the cut. A subtle change to either or both of those things can create a unique engagement ring.



Mix & Match


Mix and match isn’t just for bridesmaid gowns. Pick your favorite parts of a ring and combine them to make something that is uniquely you!



Pearl Pairing


Forgo a diamond altogether and pick a pearl. Choose other stones to accent the pearl or leave it on a band to stand-alone. Believe us, the pearl can definitely hold its own as a beautiful engagement ring option.