15 Gemstone Engagement Rings for a Pop of Color

15 Gemstone Engagement Rings for a Pop of Color

You’ll be excited to wear one of these colorful stunners every day.


Diamonds are the most popular stone for engagement rings. And to those brides, diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend. However, not everyone wants a clear sparkler. Modern brides are embracing color more than ever for their special rings. Here are 15 gorgeous stunners that will charm you with their bright hues and pretty designs.




Emeralds are such a beautiful option for an engagement ring. Symbolizing love and hope, it is certainly an appropriate stone to choose for such a significant piece of jewelry.  Above, this impressive engagement ring features a large emerald in the center.  However, emerald can also be a showstopper in smaller sizes, as seen in this sweet, vintage-inspired flower style below.




As with all gemstones (including diamonds) there are variations of color. Although this can also affect the value of the stone, we say go with the one that has the shade you love best. You should be excited to wear your ring everyday, and that might not happen if you opt for the more valuable choice in a shade you don’t like as well.  Emeralds come in not only deep forest greens, but also in bright shamrock (below).




If you want a more muted color than what your gemstone is offered in, look to less traditional gemstones to find what you want. The pale green ring below (left) is tourmaline and is surrounded by champagne-colored diamonds.





Brides who want to walk down the aisle with their own something blue need look no further than a sapphire engagement ring. Available in shades ranging from bold cobalt (above) to deep ocean blues (below), sapphire is thought to represent wisdom and purity.




If you appreciate vintage styling, consider purchasing your engagement ring from an estate dealer or antique store.  Colored gemstone rings, especially emeralds and sapphires, were very popular in the early 1900s.  You can find some really exquisitely designed Art Deco rings in vibrant hues!




The budget for these rings can vary based on the quality of the stones and size (just as they would at a traditional jeweler).  But you can also find so many options, each with a rich history, whether your budget is humble (above) or extra extravagant (below–this blinding ring sells for about $20,000).





For many brides, garnets and rubies are a great option to match the colors in their wardrobe as well as their skin tone.  Above, this ruby option with ‘twisted’ gold band would complement warm skin tones.  The pinker color of the demure stone in the ring below would look great on a cool-toned brunette.




A lot of brides think that because their colored gemstone is so non-traditional, that they should stick to a more common setting. Not true. You can make your ring as ornate as you like it.  These two beautiful examples below prove that sometimes more is more.






Not blessed with long graceful fingers?  One trick that fools the eye is selecting a slightly ‘nude’ colored gemstone. The combination of the pale blush stone with the elongated design in the ring above will visually lengthen your fingers.




Are you a modern bride that doesn’t want a really fussy ring?  Find a ring in a color you favor, but in a streamlined design.  These pretty solitaires are apt choices for a bride that prefers less intricate jewelry.



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