3 Fabulous Etsy Designers Offering Eco-Friendly Moissanite Engagement Rings

3 Fabulous Etsy Designers Offering Eco-Friendly Moissanite Engagement Rings

Having an environmental conscience isn’t just trendy when you’re ordering that kale smoothie…it’s also a major factor when selecting an engagement ring! There’s no trend more popular in weddings right now than DIY. Luckily, brides who love the DIY look can turn to Etsy to find eco-friendly engagement and wedding bands. You might be wondering just how Etsy designers are making environmentally-conscious engagement rings. Many are using a rare gemstone called moissanite. This gem is luxurious, bright, durable and Forever Brilliant® moissanite is ‘grown’ in America. Here are a few eco designers offering the perfect green wedding engagement rings made from this stunning man-made material.


1. Kristin Coffin


Kristin uses all recycled materials to create her rings and takes pride in utilizing Forever Brilliant® moissanite for its sustainability and eco-friendly qualities. Many of her designs pull from the earth’s inspiration and incorporate elements of nature. She is known for her organic twig wedding bands featuring moissanite stones.


2. Jen Hollywood-Showell


Jen makes customized eco-friendly wedding rings and makes it her personal mission to work with her clients to create that individualized setting. She uses Forever Brilliant® moissanite because it gives her more flexibility to design the quality of ring her clients have been imagining without having to compromise on the brightness of their stone. Her recycled 14k gold designs are extremely affordable. The example below retails for $729 with the stone.


3. Stacy Kripas


Stacy has a genuine passion for jewelry design and metalsmith work. Her eco-friendly engagement rings feature elaborate settings with woven bands and multiple color metals. She channels her creative energy into designing traditional engagement rings with a twist: Forever Brilliant® moissanite rather than diamonds. When designing rings, it was easy for her to choose to work with moissanite: it’s eco-friendly, and most importantly, stunning!


Natural moissanite was originally discovered in a meteor crater, making it an incredibly rare occurrence in nature. A patented growing method carefully mimicking the natural process inside a lab environment perfects the crystal to produce the moissanite gems. Each gem is precision polished in order to maximize its’ brilliance and only the very best make the Forever Brilliant® grade. Traditionally, a diamond might have been considered to be a “girl’s best friend.” But today, young couples are looking for something that’s more economical “outside the traditional diamond box,” so when a couple chooses Forever Brilliant® moissanite, they are also choosing to start this new chapter of their lives on an environmentally friendly footing while maintaining a smart budget.


As you can tell, there are so many advantages to choosing a Forever Brilliant® moissanite engagement ring—all you have to do is find that Etsy artist whose designs align with your style!


Contributed by Brenna Goodsitt. Brenna works with Charles & Colvard, the sole source of Moissanite. The company has recreated the natural process to produce this high quality, conflict free gemstone.