5 Ways to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling

5 Ways to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling

Tips and tricks for cleaning your engagement ring.

Now that you’re sporting that gorgeous ring on your finger, you’ll want to keep it as brilliant as the day you got engaged. You’ll need to treat your precious piece of jewelry with a gentle touch since the metals, brackets, and setting are far more delicate than the hardy diamond at the center. With these five cleaning tips, your engagement ring will stay beautiful for years to come —and can even be handed down to future generations.


Go Pro


A jeweler should always be your first choice when it comes to cleaning your ring. The employees at the jewelry store are well versed in how to handle precious gems and metals, so they’ll ensure your ring comes out looking even better than it went in. Many jewelry stores will offer this service as a free lifetime perk if you return to the same store where your ring was purchased.


Begin with Bristles


The best tool for an at-home clean is a toothbrush. Look for one with soft bristles for the gentlest touch. Using a mixture of hot water and a few drops of dishwashing soap, you should carefully clean the exterior of your ring with the toothbrush.


Skip the Ultrasonics


Avoid at-home treatments with an ultrasonic machine. These machines use high frequency sound waves to create bubbles that, in turn, clean the item inside. These are a no-no since the repetitive vibrations can cause tiny cracks in the brackets to grow and, ultimately, cause your stone to fall out. Avoid costly repairs by having a jeweler inspect your ring before it is placed in any ultrasonic machine.


Schedule Deep Cleaning


Regular build-up can be handled at home, but more extensive cleaning needs to be in the hands of a professional. The toothbrush and dishwashing soap method is great at handling general build-up caused by makeup, body lotion, or your skin’s own oils. However, if your engagement ring has dirt under the stones, or there’s an extensive amount of dirt, oil, or grime, you’ll want to head to your local jeweler for a safe deep clean.


Be Extra Gentle


Stay away from typical household cleaning products. It might seem obvious to use bleach or acetone to clean your ring since they are great at getting stains off clothes or polish off your nails, but they only promise heartache. While they won’t harm a diamond (not much will!), they can weaken, pit, or scratch the metals on your ring.


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