15 Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

15 Best Moissanite Engagement Rings
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Moissanite, say what? This naturally-occurring silicon carbide has a tough to pronounce name, but it’s also really rare and unforgettable once you know. The diamond-like substance was first discovered in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan, thus its moniker. Moissanite is one of the hardest-known substances on Earth, ranking just below diamonds in durability. With its bright appearance, moissanite makes a lovely stone for an engagement ring. People say the now lab-created stone is more fiery; in other words, your ring will sparkle like no other! Plus, moissanite is conflict-free since it is man-made, thus the environmental impact is low. You can see why moissanite engagement rings are so popular. Plus, the beautiful gem is less expensive than diamond, which means you can get a bigger stone. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Any ring you’re dreaming of comes in a moissanite variety. Read on to discover the many beautiful baubles just waiting to adorn your hand, from vintage-style designs to solitaire, oval, round, emerald and asscher cut rings.



The 15 Best Moissanite Engagement Rings



How to Shop for a Moissanite Engagement Ring



Shopping for a moissanite engagement ring is really no different than shopping for a diamond engagement ring. If you want moissanite, chances are you love the fiery quality of the stone and how it catches the light, producing mega-sparkle. Confession: We do, too! Browse through the rings below to see which cut and style your heart gravitates toward. We have assembled a diverse roundup of rings, from vintage-inspired to more modern-looking bands, plus cuts that range from oval to princess. You’ll start to get a sense of whether you prefer a halo-style ring, a pear-cut moissanite, or rose vs. white gold. And then it’s time to price compare, and pick your ring!



Moissanite Engagement Ring Inspiration



Again, a moissanite is going to cost less than a diamond. Our roundup ranges in price from $150 to $4,300, with all price points in between.




So a moissanite is not 100 percent colorless. Some people think it can throw a yellow or green hue. But others are so mesmerized by the rainbow-like sparkle, they don’t notice anything else. We love how moissanite stones are being set in every metal, from rose to yellow gold. Look for one style that also features sapphires.




Solitaire, three-stone, vintage, simple, ornate: No matter what style of ring you are on the hunt for, you will find it here.






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Best Vintage-Style Ring

Annello by Kobelli Diamond Cross-Shank Band


A cushion-cut moissanite is only one star of this vintage-style engagement ring. Because, that band! We heart the crossover style, and the sparkly halo of smaller stones. The high-polish finish ensures your finger will boast the most radiance in the room. Always.

14k gold
Prong set
1-2/5 carat

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Best Sapphire Ring

Annello by Kobelli Round-Cut White Gold Band


For your something blue, consider this ornate moissanite ring featuring sapphire stones. And diamond accents! The antique-inspired appearance of this bauble is unique, pretty, and timeless. We especially love the round-cut center stone that glimmers as far as the eye can see, and the setting we simply haven’t seen before. (And we look at a lot of rings!)

14k white gold
Moissanite 9.5 mm
Channel-set band
Diamonds 1/4 carat

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Best Splurge Ring

6-3/4 Carat Radiant-Cut Three-Stone Band


If you’re a go-big-or-go-home kinda gal, check out this three-stone ring that features a heart-pounding 11 x 9 millimeter radiant-cut center moissanite stone, flanked by an additional 6-3/4 carats of sparkle. Radiant cut is a great option if you can’t decide between round or emerald. Meanwhile, this bauble is sure to take up some space on your finger and turn many-a-head. We know we will be looking!

14k white gold

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Best Affordable Ring

Platinum-Plated Silver Cushion Cut Band


This super-affordable moissanite engagement ring option still sparkles like the more expensive options. A 5 x 7 millimeter cushion-cut stone is encircled by not one, but two halos of glittering smaller stones that spill over onto the shank. Amazon customers rave that the ring holds up beautifully over time, and love the detailed setting. Oh, and the price!

Platinum-plated silver

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Best Rose Gold Ring

Miadora Crossover Band


With the vintage trend holding fast, rose gold is more popular than ever. This pretty crossover-style ring is simple, tasteful, and timeless. A substantial round stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller stones that are echoed on the delicate band. This rose gold engagement bauble would look so stunning with a matching rose gold band featuring moissanites. Or, mix things up and go with white gold. Either way, we are jealous!

10k rose gold
Prong set
1 carat
Band width 1.8 mm

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Best Cushion-Cut Ring

Charles & Colvard Halo Band


A halo is just plain pretty and this cushion-cut stone encircled with moissanite is no exception. The Charles & Colvard design will never go out of style, given its classic, elegant look. The high-polish finish lends the ring even more sparkle. We’re sold; how about you?

Center stone 8 mm
14k white gold

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Best Pear-Shaped Ring

Anello by Kobelli Forever One Ring


Wowza, this pear-shaped moissanite engagement ring is a showstopper. The large stone, which measures 10 x 7 millimeters, is enough. But then you get white diamonds that encircle it in a stunning halo and vintage-style milgrain detailing. This is the right ring if you desire sparkle, elegance, and timelessness in your jewelry collection. So yeah, it’s the right ring for everyone.

14k white gold
Diamonds 1/3 carat

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Best Solitaire Ring

Forever One 1-7/8 Carat White Gold Band


Sometimes one is all you need. As in your love, and this stunning solitaire ring by Helzberg Diamonds. An 8 millimeter, round, colorless moissanite is set in 14 karat white gold. That’s it; simple, timeless, lovely. We love that this pretty ring would pair with any wedding ring. But for now, just enjoy the light glinting off your tasteful-beyond-belief engagement ring.

Prong set

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Best Princess-Cut Ring

Best Princess-Cut Ring: Forever One Solitaire


If it’s gotta be princess cut, meet the solitaire that will simply never go out of style. This princess-cut moissanite engagement ring features an understated stone measuring 5.5 millimeters, set in white gold. Nothing fancy here; just sparkle, elegance, and great taste for days.

14k white gold

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Best Halo Ring

Forever Brilliant 14 Karat White Gold Band


You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from this 10.94 millimeter, round moissanite halo-style ring. Well, hopefully you can tear your eyes away from this stunner long enough to say “yes” at your proposal. We love how this vintage-style engagement ring will always be in style. OK, back to admiring the ring!

14k white gold
Rhodium plated

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Best Emerald-Cut Ring

Forever One 14 Karat White Gold Band


Stop what you’re doing now, and admire this unique, vintage-style moissanite ring that features an emerald-cut stone measuring 10 x 8 millimeters. So yeah, it’s big! But what really makes this ring unforgettable are the round side stones, which provide a truly interesting contrast to the emerald-cut, colorless moissanite. Notice the stones inset on the band as well. Are you as in love as we are?

14k white gold

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Most Unique Ring

Forever One 14 Karat White Gold Wide Band


We came across this unique bauble and had to share. Behold the sizeable, stunning oval-cut stone, and its 90 (yes, 90!) smaller, sparkly friends. This ring features not one, but two twisted bands that give it a truly original look and feel. If you are hoping your ring will take up quite a bit of real estate on your finger, stop looking. You found the one!

Moissanite 9 x 7 mm
14k white gold

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Best Yellow Gold Ring

Forever One Oval Band


Yellow gold looks regal, and with the substantial oval-cut stone that shines from the center of this unique moissanite engagement ring, you just may be mistaken for royalty. We adore the halo of round stones that encircle the center moissanite. The contrast with the yellow gold is truly stunning. Here’s hoping if a yellow gold moissanite engagement ring is on your wishlist, this one makes all your dreams come true.

14k yellow gold
7 x 5 mm center stone

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Best Oval-Cut Ring

Charles & Colvard White Gold Band


Princess Beatrice recently became engaged and received a gorgeous ring similar to this one. The sizeable Charles & Colvard oval-cut solitaire is flanked by two tapered baguette side stones, and set in white gold. Elegant, polished, timeless. Congratulations, your royal highness.

Center stone 9 x 7 mm
14k white gold

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Best Asscher-Cut Ring

Clara Pucci Simulated Baguette Solitaire


If you’re torn between round and princess-cut, try asscher cut, which is a rounded square, featuring step-cut facets. This stunning style features a jaw-dropping 3.5 carat moissanite, and two tapered baguette Russian simulated diamond side stones, set in white gold. Um, uh, sorry; we are just too busy staring at this sparkly ring to say anything else.

14k white gold
Prong set