Budget Friendly Engagement Rings Under $1000

Budget Friendly Engagement Rings Under $1000

Let’s face it, engagement rings can get really expensive. However, no one said you had to go overboard to win the heart of a lady, and here’s some proof.



Tear of Joy


So much chic packed into such a budget friendly ring ($880)! From the teardrop diamond, to the half emerald halo, and the delicate band, any lady would be proud to wear this gorgeous ring.


The Trifecta


Go with the minimalist trend and fall in love with this engagement ring ($438) featuring three diamonds on a thin band. Perfect for everyday wear as well as special events, it’s a memento that’s never coming off of that finger.



Go with Gemstone


In many cases, it’s the diamond that raises the price of the ring to unattainable standards. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule that says that an engagement ring has to feature a big diamond. Go with a gem ring instead, like this stunning emerald piece ($799), that won’t just make you the coolest engaged lady on the block, you’re also the one with the savviest fiance!


A Slice of Diamond


Tired of traditional diamond engagement rings? All look the same to you? Well, clearly you haven’t seen a sliced diamond ($695). These are as unique as snowflakes and have a modern look that we simply love.


Art Deco Style


Bring back Art Deco with this beautiful gold fan design ($970) featuring three unique marquis diamonds along with pave pieces lining the top. There’s no way that this one will go unnoticed, even though it didn’t cost your fiance his entire year’s salary.



A Little Trig


Don’t need a blinding dazzler to show off the fact that you’re taken? Check out this super chic geometric design ($655), featuring 3 little diamonds. It’s just enough to make it special for you, but toned down enough to pass for simply a gorgeous gold accessory.


Did Someone Say “Halo”?


Just because you want the height of fashion doesn’t mean that you have to pay the huge price tag. There are many morganite rings that look exactly like diamonds, including ones featuring a beautiful diamond halo ($650). Yep, it’s a stunner.



Victorian Era


Browse the vintage selection at your local jewelers or online to find a one-of-a-kind piece ($580) that will peak everyone’s interest. Pay attention to interesting settings that are attention-grabbing without necessarily being encrusted in diamonds.


Simple Solitaire


Sometimes the simplest design is the best, and this is definitely one of those times. A solitaire engagement ring ($1000) is a classic choice, no matter what size the diamond is.


Designer Pick


Some ladies don’t care about the color or size of the rock, they just want to know that the engagement ring is high quality and ethically made. In that case, turn to your favorite jewelry designers and browse their entire ring collection for something affordable but with a designer label ($750).