Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Photo Credits: Alex Gutierrez


We love getting googly-eyed over celebrity engagement rings! Who’s ring style do you love?


From princess cut engagement rings to oval stones and halo settings, there are so many different kinds of beautiful engagement rings out there. In Volume IV of mywedding The Magazine we take a closer look at what makes an engagement ring – and a diamond – so special. It’s the perfect guide for anyone thinking about getting engaged (have questions about how to pick an engagement ring? We’ve got the answers.), but it also happens to be the perfect excuse to talk about something else: celebrity engagement rings. Here are just a few of our favorites in every style.


1. Jessica Alba’s Asscher Cut Engagement Ring: Chic and sparkly, the center stone in Alba’s ring is a classic but more unique shape that is also called a square emerald cut.


2. Kaley Cuoco’s Cushion Cut Engagement Ring: Cushion cut diamonds have a very contemporary look, and are extra wonderful in a halo setting. Cuoco’s is no exception.


3. Angelina Jolie’s Emerald Cut Engagement Ring: We’re pretty sure Brad and Angie can do no wrong. This emerald cut ring? Case in point.


4. Kate Beckinsale’s Emerald Cut Engagement Ring: This emerald cut stone offers a new twist on the look – instead of the typical positioning, this diamond is placed in its setting horizontally. Classic, elegant and one of a kind all at once.


5. Blake Lively’s Oval Cut Engagement Ring: This ring is stunning. There really are no other words.


6. Katherine Heigl’s Pear Cut Engagement Ring: It’s not every day that you see a pear-shaped stone on an engagement ring. But Heigl’s gem is a good reminder that they’re absolutely gorgeous. Bonus: pear cut diamond engagement rings are particularly flattering on women with smaller hands or shorter fingers.


7. Kate Bosworth’s Princess Cut Engagement Ring: This shape of stone is relatively new to the engagement scene, but that definitely doesn’t make it any less lovely.


8. Megan Fox’s Radiant Cut Engagement Ring: It’s called a radiant cut for a reason. Fox’s ring’s shape is designed to maximize brilliance – also known as sparkle.


9. Natalie Portman’s Round Cut Engagement Ring: A round cut diamond in a double halo setting? Definitely a recipe for eye-catching jewelry.


10. Mila Kunis’s Round Cut Engagement Ring: Last, but not least, comes this classic number. Super simple, but still beautiful, this ring is a great example of why round cut diamonds have gained such a following (it may also have something to do with how well they maximize both fire and brilliance, but that’s another conversation).


So, what do you think? Which of these celebrity engagement rings is your favorite?


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