Design Your Own Engagement Ring Online with Allurez

Design Your Own Engagement Ring Online with Allurez

Designing your own engagement ring just makes sense because you want the ring to be exactly what you’ve imagined. After all, this ring will be one of the most enduring and meaningful pieces of jewelry you will ever own.


Instead of battling jewelry stores and their limited selection, it might be time to consider designing your own ring.


By building your own engagement ring with Allurez, you can make sure that your ring will be perfect for you. The right metal, the right style, the right carat size, everything will be just as you had imagined.  This comes in especially handy when you favor a cut that is difficult to find.  Or when you love gold, but everyone else seems to be on the platinum train.


Start the design process by selecting your setting. You can choose from a wide variety of unique styles, including halo or antique.  Next, select your conflict-free diamond, depending upon your price range and specific specifications.  You can also find a matching wedding band to accompany your new, unique engagement ring.


Allurez also provides free insured shipping and customer service experts that can answer any questions you might have during the design process.


Start designing your own engagement ring here.