Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

You won’t have to sacrifice your personal style with one of these eco-friendly options.


Searching for the perfect wedding ring is just as important as having the perfect dress. You can always donate a wedding dress or re-fashion it, but a wedding ring is something you will never want to give up. Mining precious stones and metals cause a lot of harmful environmental damage, which is why it is important to consider choosing an eco-friendly alternative without sacrificing style.


The Antler and Amboyna Burl wedding band also has a rustic touch and is finely crafted from naturally-shed deer antler and eco-friendly burl wood. This wedding band is cruelty free, because deer and elk shed their antlers seasonally. If you want to bring out your wild, rustic side; this ring is for you.


These rings are a perfect set of his and hers that is both eco-friendly and stylish. The Purple Box Elder Wood is unlike most wood rings, because it has been through the enhanced water resistance process. This process reduces the water absorption in the wood. The purple wood is more unique and modern than the brown colored wood.


Maintain a touch of elegance while keeping it rustic! This wood engagement ring features a diamond with mother of pearl and wood inlay.


The Maple Inlay Set is made up of entirely recycled material. It consists of maple wood and sterling silver inlays. This set is ideal for a his or hers bridal set or anniversary gift.


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