15 Best Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

15 Best Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
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A traditional cushion cut engagement ring features a square cut with round corners, and resembles a pillow. Thus, its luxe-sounding moniker. This cut is making a huge comeback given the resurgence of vintage-inspired engagement rings. Until the 20th century in fact, cushion cut diamonds were the most popular stone. As more engagement jewelry is fashioned with mid-century motifs in mind, we love that the cushion cut is back. This is a great cut for anyone who can’t decide between a princess cut, which is square with harder edges, and a round cut stone. If cushion cut is on your “must have” list for your left ring finger, read on to explore the many options to choose from. You just may fall in love with a rose gold cushion cut engagement ring. Perhaps a solitaire sets your heart aflame. We are also excited to share three-stone styles, as well as a few rings for those of you looking for a less traditional bauble. Ahem, did someone say black diamonds? From diamonds to morganite and moissanite engagement rings, here is everything you need to know about the cushion cut and oh-so-many more rings to drool over.



The 15 Best Cushion Cut Engagement Rings



How to Shop for a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring



There is no shortage of styles that employ the fiery cushion cut. You already know that a diamond stone is a popular option, but you may also want to take a look at moissanite styles. Moissanite offers a low environmental impact since there is no mining. Plus, you can get a bigger stone for your money. The main difference in how the stone appears is that moissanite tends to be more fiery and less sparkly. Bottom line: Both are beautiful, and often it’s just a matter of taste. You can also consider morganite, a semi-precious gemstone that boasts durability and a budget-friendly price tag, and even emerald and sapphire (think: Kate Middleton). As you browse through our roundup of cushion cut engagement rings, you’ll know which one speaks to you. At least, we hope you can narrow it down to one!



Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Inspiration



Come one, come all! Our roundup features cushion cut rings that range in price from $250 to $10,000.




Engagement rings aren’t only about diamonds anymore. Keep scrolling to see the most stunning sapphire, emerald, and even black diamond rings that stopped us in our tracks. As far as metal, your options abound from rose gold to platinum, plus white gold, sterling silver and more.




Many rings today call upon vintage charm. You’ll find that halo-style rings are quite in demand. But don’t fret if you prefer a simpler design. Our roundup includes several solitaire styles that are truly timeless.







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Best Vintage-Style Ring

Radiant Star Diamond and White Gold Band


What makes this stunning, vintage-inspired cushion cut engagement ring special is that it features a radiant star-cut center stone. Look closely; you’ll see it. We love the halo of diamonds that surround the sizable main diamond and the breathtaking raised setting. No one could say “no” if proposed to with this exquisite engagement ring, which will stand the test of time, just like your love.

1-1/4 carats
14k white gold

2 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Halo Ring

Diamond and White Gold Band


Tasteful and timeless are the words that come to mind as we gaze upon this clean and polished-looking cushion cut ring that features a glistening halo of diamonds. No one is going to be able to hate on this classic cushion cut engagement ring. It’s sparkly, pretty, and understated, yet drool-worthy. Need we say more? Now it’s your turn to just say “yes!”

1-1/2 carats
14k white gold

3 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Moissanite Ring

Forever One White Gold Solitaire


Remember how we said you get more stone for your money with man-made moissanite? This ring proves our point. And with a solitaire that’s 4 carats is size, um, yeah, it’s big! You don’t need anything else when you’ve got such a stunning stone, thus, this cushion cut engagement ring is a solitaire, set in white gold. Is your heart set on this ring? We raise a glass of champagne just in case. Yum!

9.5 mm stone
4 carat equivalent
14k white gold

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Best Affordable Ring

JeenMata 2-Carat Moissanite and White Gold Band


Here’s the honest truth: This affordable ring had us fooled. Because it resembles many more expensive styles. But get this; for under $300, your ring finger can still sport a cushion cut stone set in white gold. And this is no puny moissanite at 1 carat. We love the halo of smaller sparklers and the detailed setting. And now there’s money left over for a honeymoon ... or a house.

1 carat
10k white gold

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Best Rose Gold Ring

Miadora Signature Collection Morganite and Diamond Accent Band


We were all smiles when we came across this delicate rose gold ring that features an ample cushion cut morganite in a pretty, feminine shade of pink. How lovely are the flower petal-inspired prongs that hug the stone? And for around $500, you still get diamond accent stones on the band and setting. You are sure to feel special when you sport this sweet ring. Congrats! You deserve it.

10k rose gold
Stone 8 x 8 mm
2 carat equivalent

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Best Side Baguette Style

Three-Stone and White Gold Band


Princess Beatrice became engaged with a ring that is similar to this timeless style. A cushion cut diamond is flanked by tapered side baguettes, lending the bauble an heir of regalness. See what we just did there? Well, you may not be in line for the throne, but you will still feel like a princess when you say “yes” to this elegant engagement ring.

1 carat
14k white gold

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Best Splurge Ring

EFFY 2-Carat Yellow and White Diamond Band


When we stop drooling, we’ll be sure to tell you this blinding, stunning, unforgettable ring features an unusual cushion cut yellow diamond. Which is surrounded by a glistening halo of brilliant cut white diamonds. A double row of baguette cut stones line the white gold band. OK, we are going back to speechlessly admiring this incredible, splurge engagement ring.

2 carats
14k white gold

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Best Solitaire Ring

1-Carat Astor Petite Band


If you are a simple girl with a simple dream of wearing a lovely, timeless, tasteful ring upon your finger, we are happy to introduce you to your future engagement jewelry. This 1-carat diamond solitaire set in platinum is polished-looking, and, well, simply beautiful. No bells, no whistles, just tingles, smiles, and bridal vibes as far as the eye can see.

1 carat

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Best Sapphire Ring

Diamond Halo and White Gold Split Shank Band


If it’s good enough for Princess Kate, it’s good enough for us. Behold this genuinely gorgeous sapphire engagement ring that features an eye-poppingly large, long, cushion cut stone. We're enamored by that split shank, which glimmers with diamond accent stones. If you get to don this breathtaking bauble on your ring finger, just know friends and colleagues might be more than a bit jealous. Reviewers call it beautiful and flawless. Will you call it yours?

Stone 13 x 9 mm
6.5 carat equivalent
Diamonds 0.66 carat
14k white gold

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Best Black Diamond Ring

Diamond Halo and White Gold Band


Carrie Bradshaw received a black diamond ring from Big on Sex and the City. So, we are all about this unique cushion cut engagement ring, which features a big enough stone to impress even Samantha Jones. White diamonds encircle the black diamond and provide a pretty contrast that not even Charlotte could find fault with. If your heart desires a unique bauble, this could be the one.

4-1/2 carats
14k white gold

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Best Designer Ring

David Yurman Châtelaine Champagne Citrine Band With Diamonds


“I don't like David Yurman jewelry,” said no one ever. Behold this stunner, which features a large, faceted champagne-hued citrine stone, surrounded by a halo of pavé-set diamonds, and set in yellow gold. We love the trademark cable band that offers a modern twist (see what we did there?) to this piece of artwork. If you're looking for a contemporary, unique engagement ring that features a cushion cut stone, we congratulate you in advance on your amazing new jewelry.

18k yellow gold
Center stone 14 mm
Diamonds 0.3 carats

12 of 15 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Three-Stone Ring

Charles & Colvard Moissanite and White Gold Band


This priced-right bauble features a large cushion cut moissanite, beset on each side with a trillion cut stone. The effect is unique, yet classic, and we can see this truly tasteful engagement ring looking lovely with virtually any wedding band, from simple to sparkly. No need to second guess yourself if you kind of love it. Send a link to this ring your beau’s way ASAP!

3 carats
14k white gold

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Best Emerald Ring

White Sapphire and Sterling Silver Band


Dreaming of something a little different than diamond? Try this glistening emerald ring on for size. A large cushion cut center stone shines from a window of round cut sapphires that cascade onto a split shank set in sterling silver. Did we mention the price of this ring is less than the shoes you’ll likely wear down the aisle? Meanwhile, emerald encourages peace and balance, which are wonderful omens to begin your new married life.

1-1/2 carat emerald
1/2 carat white sapphire
Sterling silver

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Best Platinum Ring

Petite Twist Diamond Band


Here's a twist on your typical engagement ring band. This pretty and feminine platinum setting features a delicate swath of pavé diamonds weaving through it. Dainty, sweet, and a little something different. Does this describe your sensibility? Then maybe we just found the perfect cushion cut engagement ring for you!

Price for setting only

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Best Morganite Ring

Neil Lane Diamond and Rose Gold Band


The sparkle and shine of this unique engagement ring is unparalleled. How lovely is the cushion cut pink morganite set in diamonds? We are simply obsessed by the floral motif setting, which features more white diamonds. And the high polish of the rose gold makes a stunning finishing touch. This ring is so special, we’d be tickled pink to see it on your finger.

1-1/4 carat diamonds
14k rose gold