15 Princess Cut Engagement Rings Fit for Royalty

15 Princess Cut Engagement Rings Fit for Royalty
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Princess cut diamonds are square in shape, but far from “square,” if you know what we mean. Because instead of being super-traditional, engagement rings that feature princess-cut stones embody a more contemporary feel. The geometric cut rose to popularity around the same time as scrunchies, in the 1980s, and just like the iconic hair ties, princess cut is coming back in a totally tubular way. Celebs like Kate Bosworth and Snooki rock the square cut, and if you love modern-looking baubles, so can you. That’s not to say fans of vintage-style jewelry need not apply. We came across tons of princess-cut engagement rings that feature beautiful, classic elements like milgrain detailing and rose gold. So, no matter your taste, you owe yourself a scroll through this roundup of the best princess-cut rings out there today. From solitaires to rings with side stones, split shanks, and double halos, these covetable jewels will have you dropping mad hints to your honey about getting engaged, ASAP.



The 15 Best Princess Cut Engagement Rings



How to Shop for a Princess Cut Engagement Ring



These aren’t your grandmother’s princess cut rings. What we mean is that there is so much variety to choose from! Whether you desire a unique-looking bauble, or prefer a more traditional ring, you are going to fall in love by the time you finish scrolling through this page. Aren’t sure if you prefer a traditional or contemporary ring? That’s OK! All you need do is peruse our roundup, and you will begin to get a sense of which styles speak to you. “Pick me!” Sorry, that was a yellow gold, vintage-style engagement ring trying to get your attention. “Over here!” Ahem, we hear you split shank diamond band!



Princess Cut Engagement Ring Inspiration



No matter the budget you are working with, you can afford a princess cut engagement ring you’ll be proud to show off. Our roundup includes rings that range in prince from $200 to $9,000.




From rose to white to yellow gold, we were sure to include princess cut styles for all metal preferences (even platinum). As far as the rock, obviously there are drool-worthy diamonds to peruse. But consider moissanite too, which is a man-made stone that requires no mining and is said to look more fiery than diamonds. Oh, and be on the lookout for one of our favorite finds, which features a dazzling aquamarine center stone.




A square cut is going to read more modern, typically. Vintage elements like curved detailing in the band will soften the look. It just depends on your taste. Read on to get a feel for which ring you can picture taking up residence on your left ring finger.



Other Considerations:

Note that a few styles’ prices and specifications are going to pertain to the ring setting only. The stone is sold separately.




1 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Most Unique Ring

TRULY Zac Posen Aquamarine, Diamond and Rose Gold Band


Forty-six round, brilliant-cut diamonds surround a mesmerizing, princess-cut aquamarine stone on this unique, vintage-inspired rose gold engagement ring designed by none other than Zac Posen. Yeah, that Zac Posen, who has dressed Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. Let him dress your ring finger with this special bauble that will attract as many eyes as there are diamonds sparklers. P.S. We’re jealous.

14k rose and yellow gold
Aquamarine 7 mm
Diamonds 3/4 carat

2 of 15 Image Credits: Zales

Best Halo Ring

Diamond Frame Engagement Band


Simple and polished, this princess cut ring boasts over 1 carat of diamonds, many of which surround the center stone with the oh-so-desirable halo feature. We love this ring because it’s going to be in style forever, and because it combines a contemporary square cut with a vintage halo, so you are getting the best of both worlds.

14k white gold
1-1/4 carats

3 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Solitaire Ring

1 Carat Astor Petite Platinum Band


We get it; sometimes less is more. As in, one diamond will do it. This one isn’t less, however, in the sense that the stone weighs 1 carat. And is set in platinum. We can see this solitaire pairing perfectly with a diamond-set wedding band, or simple platinum band. Either way, this ring is a classic that will never go out of style. So we understand if your engagement ring search ends here!

1 carat

4 of 15 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Affordable Ring

Miadora Created White Sapphire Solitaire


If your budget isn’t princess-big, no worries. This princess-cut ring costs less than your monthly car payment, but still looks like a million bucks. A sizeable white sapphire sits atop a cathedral setting in white gold. Reviewers swear the bauble appears expensive, and describe it as beautiful and sparkly. They also say they get tons of compliments. May we be the first to say, “It will look lovely on you!”

10k white gold
Cathedral setting
High-polish finish

5 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Split-Shank Ring

1 Carat Diamond and White Gold Band


A split shank gives a ring an extra something special. We love this halo-encircled style that features 1 carat of diamond sparklers and that eye-catching band detailing. Forty reviewers rate this bauble high for its beauty and blinding sparkle. Seriously. Words like “stunning” and “gorgeous” are also used frequently. What more evidence do you need that this princess-cut ring is a must-have? Right, none. We didn't think so.

18k white gold
1 carat

6 of 15 Image Credits: Kay Jewelers

Best Double Halo Ring

Neil Lane Diamond and White Gold Band


Oh la, la! We are totally in love with the ornate, diamond-encrusted band on this double halo-style ring. Neil Lane (of Bachelor fame!) designed the ring to evoke old Hollywood glamour. He clearly mastered the art of combining a modern aesthetic, with vintage charm. Did we mention there are over 1 carat of diamonds to lust over on this sizeable slice of heaven? Wow. That’s really all we have left to say.

14k white gold
1-1/8 carats

7 of 15 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Splurge Ring

Marchesa Celeste Halo Diamond and White Gold Band


One reviewer describes this splurge ring as looking like glitter. That’s how sparkly the Marchesa-designed, halo-style, split shank bauble is. Another purchaser can only say, “sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.” Hmm, we guess it sparkles! Beyond the sparkle-factor, we are in love with the three rows of diamonds on the shank. And kind of enjoying the idea of sporting a piece of jewelry created by Marchesa, who has dressed Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway, to name a few. Just sayin’!

18k gold
1-1/5 carats

8 of 15 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Moissanite Ring

3 Carat Three-Stone Engagement Band


With moissanite, you get more for your money. This 3 carat-equivalent, three-stone ring is, well, really big. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We love the channel-set stones on the band and the milgrain detailing, which truly make this piece stand out. One reviewer swears this princess-cut gem looks even more beautiful in person. Here’s hoping you find that out for yourself really soon!

14k white gold
3 carats

9 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Designer Ring

Monique Lhuillier Jardin Diamond Engagement Band


Monique Lhuillier has designed some of the most exquisite wedding gowns of our time. So, it only makes sense she is creating engagement jewelry, and we very much say "yes" to this vintage-inspired, platinum setting that features marquise-cut diamonds reminiscent of a floral pattern. Delicate, pretty, classic, feminine. What more can we say? Other than, we hope this is the ring for you.

1/4 carat
Price for setting only

10 of 15 Image Credits: Zales

Best Yellow Gold Ring

Diamond-Frame Vintage-Style Engagement Band


Hooray! Yellow gold is popular again. We heart this heirloom-style band available at Zales. From the delicate, vintage-inspired milgrain detailing, to the heart-shaped frames that flank the princess cut center stone, we seriously can’t believe this intricate and pretty ring costs less than $1,000. Meanwhile, reviewers say they love this ring. We raise a glass in the hopes you do, too.

14k yellow gold
1/3 carat

11 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best White Gold Ring

Kalahari Dream Diamond Engagement Band


We can see why this ring is called a dream. From the double halo of diamonds, to the curved band, it’s hard to know which element of the vintage-inspired setting to look at first. Beyond its stunning appearance, you’ll be happy to learn the Kalahari series features diamonds that are responsibly sourced. And the ring is set in polished white gold, which adds to the overall sparkle of this socially-conscious gem. The only bad news? It’s not on your finger yet!

14k white gold
1-1/8 carats

12 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Three-Stone Ring

1 Carat Platinum and Diamond Band


Hubba, hubba, we love how the round diamond side stones on this stunning ring contrast with the princess cut center stone. We also admire the micropavé diamond detailing on the band. You get 1 carat of diamonds set in platinum with this exquisite piece of jewelry any woman would be over-the-moon to call her own. Fingers crossed it’s you, and soon!

1 carat

13 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Rose Gold Ring

1 Carat Pavé Engagement Band


There’s something about rose gold that’s just feminine, pretty, and feels old-fashioned, in the best possible way. If rose gold is on your must-have list, consider this 1 carat solitaire available on Blue Nile. You’ll love the micropavé diamond-set band. And how stunning would this ring look with a white gold wedding band set with micropavé stones? Then you could get a yellow gold anniversary band. And then another rose gold one for stacking. Oh, sorry. Did we get ahead of ourselves?

14k rose gold
1 carat

14 of 15 Image Credits: Shane Co.

Best Platinum Ring

Vintage Halo Diamond Band


Preferential to platinum? Then you’ll adore this vintage-inspired setting that features a halo, side stones, and milgrain detailing. We seriously can’t get enough of this charming setting, which feels like a one-of-a-kind buy. That you can pass down for generations in your family. Chills. Are you smiling, too?

Price for setting only

15 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Vintage-Style Ring

Diamond, White and Rose Gold Band


Multiple metals? Yup, we’re into that. This two-tone engagement ring features rose and white gold, a unique, vintagey, twisted band, and a halo of diamonds surrounding a princess-cut stone. And the price? So nice. Like, nice enough that you should send a link to this ring to your beau this minute!

14k gold
5/8 carat