Fall in Love with Your Birthstone Engagement Ring

Fall in Love with Your Birthstone Engagement Ring

After you see your birthstone engagement ring, you’ll stop dreaming about traditional diamonds. Add some personality and meaning to your engagement by adopting this old tradition that is fabled to bring you good fortune and health.



January: Garnet Engagement Ring


This dark red gem signifies friendship, the optimal base for any marriage. We love how garnet looks with a gold setting, the warm tones playing off of each other.



February: Amethyst Engagement Ring


February’s birthstone is the beautiful crystalline amethyst. Though its color might be better highlighted in a cut version of this stone, the natural druzy texture is something a daring bride would love.



March: Aquamarine Engagement Ring


Aquamarine, a beautiful light blue gem, is a stunning option for an engagement ring. Available in all different intensities of blue, some aquamarines can even be confused with diamonds!



April: Diamond Engagement Ring


Diamonds are the traditional gem for engagement rings, but coincidentally, they are also the birthstone for April. To really emphasize the conscious choice of having a birthstone engagement ring, consider an uncut or “rough” diamond. You will be surprised by their natural beauty.



May: Emerald Engagement Ring


With an eye catching emerald engagement ring, you don’t need much to make it a showstopper. Minimal design and simple bands best show off this gorgeous birthstone.



June: Pearl Engagement Ring


An elegant and feminine bridal option, pearl engagement rings have always been around. As their creamy texture is beautifully balanced by either white or gold settings, they are a versatile and timeless choice.



July: Ruby Engagement Ring


This exotic and vibrant jewel is the perfect expression of July, unabashedly proud of its beauty. Though many ruby engagement rings are large and almost over the top, keep an eye out for interesting vintage shapes to add extra interest to this bauble.



August: Peridot Engagement Ring


Peridot is said to have magical powers and healing properties, but we think that the bright green color alone is enough to make it a beautiful birthstone engagement ring.



September: Sapphire Engagement Ring


There’s nothing quite like a sapphire. Its intense blue, almost navy, pigment along with its clarity have made it a desirable gem since the Middle Ages! Thankfully, we can’t see this option for a birthstone engagement ring going out of fashion any time soon.



October: Opal Engagement Ring


Opal has an incredible shade-changing trait. Look at it under different lights or against various backgrounds to see its full spectrum of iridescence and tone.



November: Citrine Engagement Ring


The clarity and color of citrine almost makes it look like a very dark champagne diamond. When presented in a gold setting, it gives off some very vintage vibes.



December Birthstone: Turquoise


Though turquoise is an earthy stone, take advantage of its unique color and texture, and pair it with something a bit more polished, like a diamond. The result is nothing short of incredible.