Find Your Wedding Band at Shane Co.

Find Your Wedding Band at Shane Co.

These rings are fit to every woman’s sense of style and personality.


Every engagement ring is as unique as the woman who wears it and wedding bands are no exception to this rule. Traditionally the wedding band is worn following the wedding ceremony, and is placed on the ring finger closest to the heart.


While most women are not involved in the engagement ring selection process (58% of women in 2012 did not assist with the selection of an engagement ring) many have some involvement in the wedding band purchase.


If your ring was purchased as part of a bridal set, your wedding band has already been taken care of and the “hard” work is already complete. If that’s the case, you may wish to add a secondary band that is worn on the opposite side of your ring for some additional dazzle.


The choice to add a second band on either side of your engagement ring is a fun way to add personalization to your look.


Many bands are intended to be worn alone while others are shaped to create a cushion around your engagement ring, resulting in the likelihood that you would not wear the band by itself. This will also come into play when you determine if you wish to have the rings joined together before or following the wedding ceremony.


Select a ring that is unique to your personality and sense of style. Just like engagement rings, wedding bands can include colored sapphires, diamonds or a variation of both. Shane Co. diamond melee (the smaller or side stones) are fully faceted, providing unique sparkle and shine that is stand-alone to all Shane Co. rings.


You may also wish to match your ring to that of your betrothed in using a his and her wedding band set. Men’s wedding bands are available in many of the same styles and metal types that women’s rings are.


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