Go Unique with an Opal Engagement Ring

Go Unique with an Opal Engagement Ring

Symbolizing faithfulness and compassion, an opal engagement ring is a beautiful way to start your life together.



Luminous Colors


We love the way that opals play with the light, giving off glints of different hues. This oval opal engagement ring features a lovely center stone flanked by small sets of diamonds.



Stunning Design


If the gorgeous opal doesn’t charm you in this ring, the stunning design will. With columns of champagne diamonds on either side and bracketed by trillion cut diamonds, this engagement ring is ideal for a bride with bold style.



Traditional Beauty


Love opals, but also want a traditional engagement ring? This example is the best of both worlds. With a large oval stone and a band of diamonds, your friends will need sunglasses to check out your new rock.



Less Expensive


Opal rings can offer all the glam of a luxurious diamond engagement ring, without the painful price tag. Granted, this cushion-cut opal ring certainly isn’t cheap, but given the size, it’s a steal.



Art Deco Inspiration


This gold ring with its pear-shaped (or teardrop) opal looks like something Cleopatra would have worn. Especially on warm-toned brides, this golden ring with horseshoe diamond surround would be absolutely breathtaking.



Modern Shapes


Are you a modern bride that loves the unique shapes the latest geometric craze has ushered in? If so, check out this pretty trillion-cut opal engagement ring with simple band.



Victorian Romance


For ladies who prefer ultra-romantic style and sweet accessories, this Victorian-inspired garnet and opal ring will fit right in with their look.



Complementary Colors


Opals make such great companions for vivid gemstones. So, if you are thinking about a colorful engagement ring, look for ones that use more than one kind of gemstone. As a bonus, the long design of this unique opal and lapis ring will visually elongate your finger.



Ultra Glam


This glamorous rose gold ring features peach morganite as the center stone flanked by two opals and then surrounded by diamonds.



Very Modern


Of course, if you don’t think that more is necessarily more, than opt for a minimalist-chic opal ring like this simple design.