Gorgeous Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Gorgeous Oval Cut Engagement Rings
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Oval cut engagement rings are traditional in shape — but don’t dare call them boring. Thanks to celebrities like Blake Lively and Julianne Hough, this classic, elegant silhouette is experiencing a major revival. It’s clear the oval engagement ring trend is here to stay, so check out 11 of our favorite options from Blue Nile, Bloomingdale’sEtsy and more.


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Double Decker Stunner


Bring on the glitz and the glamour with this oval cut blue sapphire engagement ring that features a round diamond halo and pave split shank band — because what’s better than a row of diamonds? Two rows, of course!

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Royal Blue


Royal-Watcher Alert: This sapphire stunner will give you serious Kate Middleton/Princess Diana vibes. Channel your inner aristocrat with a gorgeous stone that can also double as your “something blue.” Genius!

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For the Unconventional Girl


Every bride is unique — and not every girl’s wedding dream starts with a classic diamond. Opt for a ring that reflects your personal style, like this aquamarine beauty. We love how light this delicate alternative looks, and the price tag is easy to swallow as well.

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Simply Irresistible


The clean, elegant look of this oval cut engagement ring is refreshing and lets the center stone take, well, center stage. Plus, with a lab-created moissanite stone surrounded by diamonds, you can get the celebrity look without the celebrity price tag.

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Old-School Oval


Brides with a vintage taste will love this ring with millegrain-edge setting Just because it’s not a family heirloom doesn’t mean it can’t look like one. Swoon.

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Lady in Red


Instead of “something blue,” why not try something red? This elaborate ring is the stuff family heirlooms are made of. The ruby center stone, the contrasting gold prongs, the diamond sidestones: It’s as gorgeous and unique..

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Stunning & Simple


There is nothing more eye-catching than a solitaire diamond ring. Especially when it features an oval cut diamond as its crowning glory.

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Triple Threat


Why opt for one stone when you can have three? Featuring an oval-shape diamond, flanked by two more and available in a yellow, rose gold or platinum setting, this ring makes a major statement.

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Iconic Engagement


Are you anything but traditional? Go modern with a teal sapphire set in rose gold that’s 100 percent conflict-free. Ethical and elegant: What’s more modern than that?

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Intricate Glamour


This ring is a textbook example of a modern ring with a vintage twist. The oval stone is surrounded by a pave halo and flanked by trapezoid diamonds, which give the ring an ornate, antique effect.

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Pretty in Pink


Alternative brides need look no further than this pink tourmaline head-turner. If you’re into period pieces, the vintage-inspired elegance of this ring is right up your alley.