Halo Engagement Rings for a Sparkling New Year

Halo Engagement Rings for a Sparkling New Year

Halo engagement rings are all about that sparkle.





This pink diamond is a real showstopper, and it’s the kind of engagement ring that takes everyone’s breath away. The central stone is beautifully outlined in a halo that artfully mirrors the radiant cut of the diamond, while the rose gold hue of the setting further warms up its pink color.



Half Halo


Sometimes having just a little bit of something really emphasizes its presence- much like this half halo draws attention to this trendy ring.


Erika Winters Designs Alexandra Halo Engagement Ring – Photo © Erika Winters




Say goodbye to the stereotype that all halo engagement rings are the same. The halo on this beauty follows a “moval” shape and gorgeous detail with a strong edge. This is an example where the halo is not simply an embellishment to the central diamond, it’s an important part of the design of the ring.





We’re all personally in love with this pear-shaped ring, and it only seems to sparkle even brighter with the addition of the diamond halo. We can already see the snow softly falling, the New Year’s fireworks shooting off in the background and hearing an earnest proposal concluded with the flash of this halo engagement ring. Sigh.





The way in which the jewelers set the halo diamonds in place has a big effect on the overall look of the engagement ring. This scalloped or floral look is achieved when each individual diamond has its own little “nook” in the halo. It’s a pretty look, isn’t it?



Emerald Cut


We can’t help dropping our jaws at the unique design of this emerald cut halo engagement ring. It’s so geometric and so Art Deco, that the whole look has us entranced.



One of a Kind


Are you worried that due to their popularity, halo engagement rings are too conventional? This awesome ring with its unique shape is a halo ring, but with a quirky edge.





Elegant oval-shaped halo engagement rings have been getting a lot of attention on Instagram, and we know that a lot of you are dreaming of one of your own.




Ah, at last, the simple round halo ring. It’s a breath of fresh air, and a style as timeless as your love. As a bonus, a halo engagement ring can exaggerate the shape and size of a smaller center stone.



White Gold


It’s true that rose gold has been a popular choice in the last few years, but remember the versatility and elegance of white gold. Pair with a sparkly halo, it can’t help but be brilliant!