How to Find an Engagement Ring to Fit Your Style

How to Find an Engagement Ring to Fit Your Style

It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the glitz and glam of engagement rings. Between the sparkly stones and beautiful designs, it’s also easy to forget that one ring definitely does not fit all.

Finding the right ring to represent your style and fit in with your life is the key to ring happiness. Here are a few things to consider as you start shopping!

Less is More or Bigger is Better?

Ultimately, the size of the stone should be dependent on factors like your budget, style preferences, and how active you are on a daily basis.  Obviously, if gardening is your favorite hobby, a gigantic rock might get in the way of that. Don’t let the size of your center stone be determined by what your best friend’s ring looks like or as representative of how much your fiance loves you.  You’re going to be wearing this ring for a long time, and only showing it off for a little while. It’s important that you like it.

Simple Minimalism or Stunningly Ornate

You go into a jewelry store and are so instantly wowed by all the rings you see, that you truly don’t know which one you would prefer. They all look fantastic!  When trying decide on the overall style of your ring consider what your ‘ride or die’ standbys are. I’m not talking about the fads that come and go that you have fun with.  We’re talking about your sentimental favorites and wardrobe staples. Do you tend towards clean and simple, or ultra-feminine and romantic?  While you certainly don’t have to select a tried-and-true style for yourself, it’s a good place to start looking.

Which Metal?

For most brides, this is one of the most difficult decisions about their ring. They want to pick a ring that will look timeless for decades to come, but they also want to pair it with trendy pieces.  So, when you hear that gold is making a comeback, should you consider a gold band?  The answer is pretty much the same–only if you like it.  There is no longer a style rule about mixing metals, and even if there were, that doesn’t really apply to your engagement ring. Pick a metal that you love and that makes sense for your lifestyle. If you work a lot with your hands or have a high-impact sport as a hobby, ask your jeweler about what type of durability you should consider to make sure your ring lasts.

Diamond or Colored Gemstone?

Colored diamonds and gemstones are experiencing a resurgence in popularity again (you’ll also see stones like emeralds and sapphires in antique rings). Again, whether or not you should embrace a less traditional center stone is completely up to your style choices. If you love color and bright jewelry, why not?

Research Yourself

Bottom line, before you go jewelry shopping, look through your closet and jewelry box. Take careful stock of what you have loved over time, and what you are already getting tired of with only one season in.  Also think about how you live with your own jewelry.  Are you always taking your accessories off the second you get in the door?  Do you get annoyed by large rings that get caught when you run your fingers through your hair or get stuck when you put your hand in your pocket?  These are the things that should be in the back of your mind as you are ring shopping, because there are always adjustments you can make. For example, if you really want a large stone, but are a little accident prone, the right setting can totally take care of that for you.

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