mywedding Musings: Abby Sparks Designs

mywedding Musings: Abby Sparks Designs

Meet a jewelry designer who is all about her clients and what they want.


Abby Sparks is ultimately inspired by the people she designs for and the stories behind each personalized piece. It’s easy to see why she ends each day with a smile because she truly loves what she does. Read more about how Abby creates custom engagement rings to really show the couple’s individual style below!



What made you decide to become a jeweler?
I started making jewelry when I was about 7 years old when my grandmother gave me some of her Native American vintage beads and findings. I’ve been hooked on jewelry ever since! However, only after burning out in a consulting career and getting an MBA did I finally decide that the creative, passionate life was for me moving forward in a career.  And so I quit doing what wasn’t making me happy, and decided to wholeheartedly dive into what I love- designing and creating jewelry.

How would you describe your style?
Organic opulence would likely be my style, however, when designing around clients’ aesthetics, my approach to style is designing around opposites.  I take a very yin meets yang approach, linear lines meet soft lines, organic meets structured, delicate meets bold, vintage meets nouveau.  For me, style is akin to an individual’s personality though, so since I design custom wedding rings and engagement rings, I enjoy understanding the style intricacies of my clients’ so that I can then capture their aesthetic in their dream ring. At the end of the day, style is personal, and I believe all style preferences have value.

Do you have a favorite piece?
I have several favorites- too many in fact!  My favorite pieces tend to be the ones in which I’ve created a custom, truly one of a kind piece using stones repurposed from a client’s old, vintage, or heirloom jewelry item. The stories alone around vintage or heirloom pieces really impact my designs and there tends to be an extra amount of ’spark’ that emanates from the new piece.  It’s as if the life and love behind the old or heirloom piece gets new life and new honor in the new piece of jewelry.

What do you think you would you be if you weren’t making jewelry?
I have always thought I’d love to make furniture as well. Specifically, I would love to design furniture and even utilize my love of ’sparkly’ things in furniture designs that capitalize more fully on ornate accents such as walnut coffee tables inlaid with subtle sterling silver patterns with accents of small emeralds, rubies, crystal quartz.

What sets you apart from other jewelers?
While I do have a limited collection of fine jewelry, my wheelhouse is truly one-of-a-kind custom jewelry, commissioned by and solely for one person.  One person, one inspiration, one ring is how we do things at Abby Sparks Designs.  Most jewelers tout ‘custom jewelry” but in reality they offer clients a standard set of settings and merely allow clients to customize a setting by choosing a stone.  No woman should share the ring design of another woman. For me, one love deserves one ring, where the uniqueness of the ring reflects the uniqueness of the love that two people share.

Do you have any advice for a bride and groom on their wedding day?
Just breathe and remember that this day does not have to be perfect! It just has to be special and momentous to each of you.  At the end of the day, you can’t (and won’t be able to) please everyone, so relish in what your special day means for your union.

What is the first thing you ask couples when they come to you?
I ask about their story… I leave it very open ended as to what I am looking for, because what and more importantly, how, a couple recounts their love story is very telling for me as their ring designer.  Their story is what allows me that foundation upon which to design the ring of their dreams. Their ring and the magnitude of the story behind their ring truly is anything but small.

What do you think the most important factor is when designing?
To honor my client’s story and their design preferences/overall style. If I don’t stop, listen, and truly soak up what they’re looking for, I simply cannot give them the ring of their dreams.  Designing is all about honoring my clients.

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