Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are 10 rings (some even from our own real weddings) that fans of this trend can drool over.


Just like with other wedding details, ring trends come and go.  One year it’s all about platinum and princess cut, the next it seems as though emerald cut is all the rage. Lately, we’ve noticed round diamonds coming back into style, and we couldn’t be more pleased. This classic, feminine cut is timeless and sweet.


Above, nothing is perhaps more traditional than a gold band with round diamond solitaire. The type of ring that gets passed down from generation to generation, this is a great match for a woman that prefers a more minimalist jewelry look.  Below, for those who favor silver over gold jewelry (not that you can’t wear both, of course), this platinum version is equally stunning.




Brides with petite hands might prefer the appearance of a thinner band (below).



If you want your round diamond ring to have a bit more ‘oomph,’ try a halo setting. This additional circle (below, left) or semi-circle (below, right) will give you lots of extra sparkle and enhance the shape of the center stone.




Make sure to research which ‘ratio’ of halo to stone you prefer. Smaller center stones often have a wide halo (but not always) and larger ones feature a more delicate halo (above).



One other thing to be aware of when shopping for any shape diamond ring is how the setting , particularly prong settings, can change the appearance of the center stone, as well as lend to its structural integrity. How high the prongs sit on the stone as well as how many there are, can make a big difference. Try a variety of different settings on with a round diamond to see which one makes sense for you.



One thing we love about round diamonds is how fantastic they look at any size. So whether you have a tiny center stone or one verging on needing its own security team, your friends will still ooh and aah over it!



And remember that it is perfectly okay if the engagement ring you love is nothing like the other jewelry you own. It could be that you have always favored modern, chunky, colorful rings. That doesn’t mean you need to find an engagement ring that reflects that. If you love delicate round diamond rings (below) they’ll go with everything, so don’t worry about it!



Love round diamond solitaires, but want something to make it unique and modern?  Look for designs that incorporate contemporary trends, like this geometric arrow below.



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