15 Best Sapphire Engagement Rings

15 Best Sapphire Engagement Rings
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In ancient times, sapphires were considered to have protective properties, as well as symbolizing hope and faith. What better stone to adorn your engagement ring with as you prepare for a life of partnership, support, love and loyalty. That Kate Middleton popularized the sapphire engagement ring is just icing on the wedding cake. And despite the stone’s lore and pervasiveness in pop culture, well, sapphires are just really, really pretty. Because who says your engagement ring must revolve around a diamond? Why not consider a unique sapphire engagement ring instead? Or go for a ring featuring both sapphires and diamonds. You may be surprised by how many styles that incorporate sapphires are just waiting to take up residency on a ring finger. From vintage-inspired to modern, and from solitaires to three-stone rings, the only limit is your imagination when it comes to finding the perfect sapphire engagement ring for you.



How to Shop for a Sapphire Engagement Ring



There is as much variety in sapphire stones as diamonds, in that you can select any cut you desire, from marquise to oval or round. It may help to start with a cut in mind as you peruse our list. Also consider whether you’re gravitating toward a solitaire or a ring beset on the sides with diamond accent stones. You’ll get an idea of what speaks to you as you see your (many) options. Metal is another consideration. Do you love the way a blue sapphire glimmers against platinum or white gold? Perhaps you find white sapphires stunning set in rose gold. Once you see a ring and you can’t stop thinking about it, well, that’s the one!



Sapphire Engagement Ring Inspiration



Here’s the good news: Many sapphires are less expensive than diamonds. Some couples will opt for a white sapphire in place of a diamond, and psst, no one will know the difference! But that doesn’t mean sapphire rings are all inexpensive. The rings on this roundup range from $200 to $7,000. So no matter your budget, you are sure to find the right ring for you.




Sapphires aren’t just blue. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun as we did exploring pink, peach, white and of course, blue sapphire engagement ring options. As far as metals, this list has it all: platinum, white, yellow and rose gold, and sterling silver.




Antique-inspired, modern, simple, ornate. Anything and everything is ready for you to shop in terms of style, so keep an open mind and have fun!



Other Considerations:

Just note that a few of our ring options are for a setting only.




1 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best White Ring

Lab-Created Pear Cut and Sterling Silver Band


A pear-shaped lab-created white sapphire is the star of this timeless, vintage-inspired engagement ring. Not one, but two halos of smaller stones frame the solitaire, and a sterling silver band also features sparkly stones. We love the look of this ring, and can see it pairing perfectly with a matching white sapphire wedding band. All you need now are the earrings. Just sayin’!

9 x 7 mm stone
Sterling silver

2 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Hidden Sapphire Ring

Halo Diamond Band


Want to get sneaky with your sapphires? We saw many hidden sapphire engagement rings, but this one really caught our eye. A center stone is surrounded by a frame of round diamonds, and then a frame of blue sapphires. How cool is the resulting effect of the blue stones just peeking out, and how the ring changes depending on the angle? Send a link to this ring to your beau if you are hoping he’ll propose with a unique bauble.

Setting only
Platinum or 14k white gold

3 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Pink Ring

Micropavé Diamond Halo Band


The girly-girl inside of us wanted to squeal with delight upon seeing this pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The substantial oval stone got our hearts racing. The halo of micropavé sparklers that spill over onto the band is an elegant finishing touch. Just get ready for major side-eye if you wear this ring, because we’re jealous!

14k white gold
1.5 mm width

4 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Vintage-Style Ring

TRULY Zac Posen Diamond Band


If Kate Middleton is your style icon, you’ll love this vintage-inspired white and yellow gold sapphire engagement ring that features a large oval stone and a drool-worthy diamond halo. We love the double band and offset arrangement of the diamonds in the frame. Did we mention Zac Posen designed the piece? Sorry, but prince not included.

14k white and yellow gold
Sapphire 7 x 5 mm
Diamonds 5/8 carat

5 of 15 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Antique-Style Ring

Annello by Kobelli Round Cut Diamond Floral White Gold Band


No one will know this sapphire ring isn’t a true antique. Behold the dazzling center stone, surrounded by a unique diamond flowerlike halo. We are obsessed with the delicate milgrain detailing. What a special ring to wear upon your engagement, and for the rest of your life. Who knows; maybe you can pass it down to a future family member and make it a true antique!

14k gold
High polish finish
Sapphire 6.5 mm
Diamonds 1/4 carat

6 of 15 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Rose Gold Ring

Oval Peach and Marquise Diamond Band


This soft, pretty peach sapphire and rose gold engagement ring left us breathless. An oval-cut stone shimmers between four, marquise-cut diamond side stones, set in rose gold. The overall effect is feminine, unique, and quite simply, stunning. A simple rose gold wedding band will allow this truly beautiful engagement ring to shine.

4-prong setting
Gem 8.83 x 6.36 x 4.72 mm
Diamonds 0.2 carat

7 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Yellow Gold Ring

Diamond Halo Rose Cut Floral Band


Delicate and feminine, this floral-inspired sapphire engagement ring features a blue center stone, and rose-cut diamond petals, set in yellow gold. Which is totally making a comeback by the way. What a sweet ring that will stand the test of time. Are you still smiling, too?

18k gold
2 mm width

8 of 15 Image Credits: Tiffany

Best Splurge Sapphire Engagement Ring

Soleste Diamond and Platinum Band


OK, wow. This Tiffany sapphire engagement ring is a stunner. Featuring a high setting you won’t be able to tear your eyes off of, the ring sparkles with a round-cut center sapphire, and two concentric halos of diamonds, with a diamond band, set in platinum. The bauble is a splurge, no doubt. But if your love can swing it, we’re pretty sure you’ll be the happiest girl in the world!

Sapphire 0.45 carat
Diamonds 0.65 carat

9 of 15 Image Credits: Macy's

Most Affordable Ring

Macy’s Lab-Created and Sterling Silver Band


A sapphire engagement ring is still within your reach if your budget is on the more conservative side. Behold this big, cushion-cut beauty of a lab-created blue sapphire, surrounded by white sapphires, and set in sterling silver. We’re pretty sure no one will be the wiser that the stones aren’t diamonds. Good thing your ring finger will be too busy basking in the glow of its pretty new bauble to care.

Blue sapphire 2-1/2 carats
White sapphires 1/2 carat

10 of 15 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Oval Cut Ring

EFFY Royalty-Inspired Diamond and White Gold Band


Meet the sapphire engagement ring fit for royalty. The substantial prong-set oval center stone is adorned with round-cut diamonds and set in white gold. You don’t even need a wedding band, this bauble is so impressive. That being said, a diamond and blue sapphire band would be a nice complement, your majesty.

Sapphire 1-9/10 carat
Diamonds 3/8 carat
14k white gold

11 of 15 Image Credits: Neiman Marcus

Best Cushion Cut Ring

Fantasia by DeSerio Cubic Zirconia Band


Holy giant sapphire! This cushion cut stunner is 12 carats in weight, and beset by trillion-cut cubic zirconia on each side, then set in white gold. No one will guess the stones are synthetic, because they’ll be in a trance upon seeing your gorgeous engagement ring. Which you should totally show off by gesturing with your left hand unabashedly from now on.

13 carat total weight
14k white gold

12 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Isola Diamond Halo Three-Stone Band


Meet the three-stone ring that unites the best of all worlds in one dazzling piece. You get sapphires. You get real diamonds! You get a vintage feel, and a timeless ring that looks elegant and understated. Yet sparkly and unique. We are in love; here’s hoping you are, too.

14k white gold
2 mm

13 of 15 Image Credits: Neiman Marcus

Best Unique Ring

Casa Reale White Gold Diamond Band


Look no further for a unique sapphire engagement ring than this Art Deco-inspired piece. We love the mesmerizing arrangement of diamonds and blue sapphires, set in white gold. Good luck being able to focus on anything other than your ring finger if you are lucky enough to land this bauble. We’ll probably be staring, too.

18k white gold
Sapphires 0.49 carat
Diamonds 0.82 carat

14 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Simple Ring

Diamond and White Gold Band


Who says fancy is better? Not us upon seeing this understated, lovely sapphire engagement ring that features an oval sapphire solitaire, flanked by diamond side stones. We can see the timeless ring pairing with a simple diamond band, or a diamond and sapphire band. Either way, less is definitely more when it comes to this pretty piece of jewelry any gal would be lucky to call her own.

14k white gold
Sapphire 7 x 5 mm
Diamonds 1/7 carat

15 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Sapphire Side Stone Ring

Classic Pear-Shaped Diamond Band


Sapphires play a supporting role on this gorgeous engagement ring that features a diamond center stone. We love the dark blue, pear-shaped stones that will make your diamond look even more sparkly and beautiful. This ring is a perfect choice if you want to incorporate sapphires into your ring, but are hopeful for a diamond too. So, when’s the proposal?

Setting only
Platinum or 18k white gold