The 5th C — Why Man-Made Diamonds Make the Best Diamond Engagement Rings

The 5th C — Why Man-Made Diamonds Make the Best Diamond Engagement Rings

When you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring you’ll quickly learn new vocabulary words about the famous 4 Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat. However, there is a 5th C to recognize, conflict-free. Make sure your jeweler is talking with you about conflict-free diamonds.


A company that we are very excited about and is leading the movement in affordable, conflict-free, man-made diamond jewelry is MiaDonna.


Here are 5 reasons why we love MiaDonna:


1. They are Eco-Friendly and Conflict-Free


When you choose a MiaDonna man-made diamond you are helping to reduce the harmful impact that earth-mined diamonds have on the environment and the aboriginal communities that are negatively affected by the trade.


MiaDonna was started by a mother who wanted to protect children who were being harmed from the unethical harvesting and trading of earth-mined diamonds.


When Anna-Mieke Anderson learned the truth behind her own earth-mined diamond ring, she became passionate about finding a conflict-free diamond and soon realized that the only truly conflict-free diamond was a man-made option. She has built her eco-friendly empire from the grassroots level, creating one of the greenest eco-friendly fine jewelry boutiques online and has been crowned by industry experts as the “Queen of Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings”.


2.  They are the Future of Diamonds


MiaDonna‘s man-made diamonds are real diamonds that are made in a modern-day lab environment, using the most scientifically advanced technology available. These diamonds are beautiful and more affordable than earth-mined diamonds and they are truly 100% conflict-free. Man-made diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds do, making them equally brilliant and impossible to distinguish between.


3.  A Better Diamond at a Much More Affordable Price


The difference in price comes from the time and method of creation. Diamond labs use highly controlled conditions to create diamonds in a way that mimics nature’s processes, but at a much faster speed. Plus, they are available for 10-25% the cost of a comparable earth-mined diamond.


4. Designer Styles that are Handmade in the USA


MiaDonna’s engagement rings and wedding ring sets are spectacular and of the highest quality. Their prices are affordable for any budget. We love that you can create your very own custom engagement ring with MiaDonna and we really love that they are made in the USA!


5. Satisfaction is Guaranteed


All of MiaDonna’s engagement rings, wedding rings and fine jewelry are handcrafted and made to order. MiaDonna provides one-on-one customer support and offers a 15 day “In your hands” return policy as well as a complementary warranty program.


If you want your dream engagement ring, for a price you will adore, while supporting a cause you believe in the only choice is MiaDonna.