Simple & Fun Prop Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

Simple & Fun Prop Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

Even if you aren’t looking for a highly stylized engagement session, you might still want to add some visual interest (and personality) to your images with a few simple and fun engagement photo props!



Hobbies & Interests

Your photos should reflect your unique relationship, so try incorporating engagement photo props that represent your personalities and interests. Music buffs should consider taking their photographer to a concert or record store where they can play with vinyl (above).  Perhaps you two love the outdoors and head to the river every chance you get?  Bring a couple of fishing poles along like this couple (below) for a few playful photos.



Do your friends live for your dinner party game nights? Do you two get a little too competitive? Well, like this couple below, an appropriate engagement picture pose might be a particularly intense round of board games.



Maybe the two of you have very different interests — which is totally okay! You can find a way to represent both of you with your engagement photo props: If you love photography and he’s a writer, try something like this couple below who are holding up their camera and a stack of books.



Seasonal Activities

Many couples want engagement photo props that reflect the time of year. Spring sessions benefit from pretty flowers and even a boho crown (below). Have him blend in with a subtle floral patterned shirt.



When the temperatures drop, it’s time to flash your bauble in a pair of bright fingerless mittens. This bride and groom also brought along a plaid wool blanket to use as their engagement photo props.



For summer photo sessions, nothing quite beats a picturesque picnic on the beach.  Gear up with a charming basket, colorful blanket and yummy foods for your engagement photo shoot.




Did you two make a commitment in ink? Show off your tattoos in your engagement photo shoot like this couple with their matching Harry Potter-themed examples below.




Hands down, one of the most popular engagement photo props is a cup of coffee. From Instagram ring shots to snuggling up at a coffee shop table, java rules when it comes to a casual e-session.



Sweets & Treats

When you want your new sparkler to have a starring role, there is no better engagement photo prop than something sweet. Rest it on a dollop of sprinkled buttercream (below, left) or as the topping of a s’more.




Not into the idea of taking that sparkler off your finger? Enjoy a treat anyway. A tasty box of donuts makes for a cute engagement photo prop (plus you get to eat them, and how is that not a bonus?).



Local Landmarks as Backdrops

Sometimes the best engagement photo props are  local landmarks that can play a dynamic supporting role in your photos. This bright Ocean City mural (below) added so much character to this couple’s engagement photos.




Proud of your roots? Show them off with engagement photo props like this Nashville couple above, who broke out their cowboy boots and pickup truck for a night out on the town.

The Chicago bride and groom below cleverly chose to weave themselves into their landmark prop by posing with these sculptured figures.



When you live in NYC, you’re pretty much surrounded by iconic landmarks to feature as engagement photo props. For an elegant  ent shoot idea, this couple opted to pose with the Empire State Building in the background (a very An Affair to Remember moment).




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