Swoon Worthy Citrine and Topaz Engagement Rings

Swoon Worthy Citrine and Topaz Engagement Rings

Find a ring that is uniquely you. Check out some of our favorite citrine and topaz engagement rings.



Keep It Classic


A topaz ring is enough of a stand out, keep the rest of it classic. This round cut topaz stone is all kinds of stunning, yet still has a traditional feel.



Just a Hint of Color


This uniquely styled ring is perfect for the eclectic bride. We love how the dainty diamonds give it its distinct shape. If you want just a hint of topaz, but still something that stands out – you might have met your match.



Pear Cut


A pearl cut hasn’t ever been quite as popular as it is now. The cut on this ring is oh-so feminine and elegant. It’s sure to give you butterflies every time you put it on your finger.



Try Delicate Details


This delicate oval cut topaz ring with dainty diamonds is a match made in heaven for the minimalist bride. We love how a white gold setting really complements the cool tones of a topaz stone! If you know you want something small, check out some more of our favorite minimalist bride engagement rings!



Emerald Brillance


A distinct emerald cut can be a stunning ring choice. This is one of our favorite topaz engagement rings for its unmatched vintage look. Also, this cut makes the stone appear larger and your finger more slender.



Rustic Charm


Looking for something less traditional? Try playing with different bands. This darling topaz ring has a little rustic charm with its twig band.



Natural Cut


Natural cut topaz engagement rings exude romantic and ethereal vibes. This is a ring that will always be uniquely yours!



Say “I Do” To Something Radiant


No one does radiant quite like Harry Winston and this gorgeous citrine is no exception. Perfect for the bride who loves a dose of drama.



Fancy Radiant Cut


A radiant cut ensures your ring finger sparkles. This citrine ring with lots of diamond accents is a show stopping choice, with no shortage of bling.



Floral Overtones


Topaz contrasts brilliantly with bright diamonds. The floral-shaped diamond halo surrounding the topaz center on this ring adds its own brilliant sparkle.