The Revival of Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

The Revival of Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear shaped engagement rings are not just a brilliant way to guarantee a “yes,” but they are also a pretty and classy way to stand out from the common rings you see today.





This floral-inspired designer ring has more going for it than an interesting setting. The pear shaped diamond takes it from pretty to gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?

Simple Solitaire


If you are already after the timeless and uncommon look that pear shaped engagement rings share, you might find that you want to fully appreciate the focal point- the rock. Simple solitaire rings are most successful at humbly showing off the beauty of the gem.





Add some sparkle to the ring by opting for one with a little crown. Paired with the right wedding band, it has very cool geometric look that really captures the current trends.



Victorian Beauty


Perfectly ornate, this pear shaped drop diamond will be the crowning glory of any lady lucky to have it. The Victorian design is stunningly beautiful, and no one will or can contest it.



Organic Feel


Some ladies feel strange toting an overly polished and cut rock on their finger on a daily basis. That’s when a naturally pear shaped cognac diamond ring is the ideal complement to her strong and individualistic personality.



Art Deco


Pear shaped engagement rings are already seen as unique, but add this beautiful Art Deco setting and you have a show stopper! It’s big without being clunky, delicate yet very noticeable.




This is the kind of ring that you can easily fool your friends into thinking that it was in the family for years. A dainty, girlish choice, this style is perfect for both women with classic style and active lives.



Rule of Threes


There’s something very visually balanced about a three gem engagement ring. Spice up the regular look with a stunning pear cut diamond, and while you’re at it, why not make the side ones pear shaped as well?


Love Loop


Pear shaped engagement rings have a unique cut, however, why not throw it for a loop and give it an interesting setting as well? This precious “love loop” has everything a girl could wish for plus more!