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Advice for Finding the Right MOB Dress for Your Wedding

Help your mom find the perfect MOB dress for your wedding!

Finding the right MOB dress can sometimes be just as big a search as selecting a wedding dress. This is a day she’s been anticipating for a long time, so she wants to look incredible. Help your mom shop for her special dress with these helpful tips!

Decide what types of dresses would fit in at your wedding.

Obviously, your mother should wear a MOB dress that fits in with the theme and location of your wedding. If you are having a casual, backyard event, she shouldn’t show up in a floor-length mermaid dress. Likewise, she’ll feel like the country cousin if she shows up in a sundress to a black tie wedding at a chic hotel. Do a little internet research to find specific examples of dresses to help your mom figure out your preferences for style and formality.

Find flattering silhouettes and colors.

When you look through your mom’s closet, what items do you think look particularly good on her? If you think she looks great in a tailored shirt, look for dresses with similar bodices. Does she have amazing legs? Find a sheath dress that highlights her enviable gams. If your mother has recently gone gray, her old favorite colors might not have the same pop. Help her discover new palettes that look phenomenal on her. If you would like her to wear something in your wedding’s color scheme, check out several hues to find the best one.

If you can, go shopping with her.

Your mom is concerned about looking her best on your big day. She knows she’ll be in a ton of pictures, and many of her friends and family will be there. Just because she isn’t the focus of the event, doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t look incredible. If you live in the same city or an opportunity presents itself, go shopping with her. She’ll want your opinion on which dresses look best and which you prefer. The most common MOB dress issue is that mothers want to make their daughters proud with what they are wearing. But some mothers may also be tempted to steal the show in something bolder or more revealing than the situation calls for. If that happens to you, try gently steering her towards something a bit more conservative.

Listen to what she feels comfortable in.

We all have features we want to accentuate, and others we would prefer to downplay. As your mother tries on dresses, pay attention to what areas she is sensitive about. If she doesn’t love wearing something sleeveless, but finds a sleeveless dress that she otherwise loves, remind her that you can find a cropped jacket, wrap, or bolero to coordinate with her look. Many of us have difficult body types to shop for, which is where the importance of tailoring comes in. Remember that tiny alterations to dresses can have a big impact.

Also, it could be that she just doesn’t feel comfortable in your vision. You wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in something you didn’t feel good in, so don’t pressure her into wearing something she doesn’t like.

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