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10 Summer Ties for the Fashion-Forward Groom

10 Summer Ties for the Fashion-Forward Groom

Wedding planning isn’t always about picking out dresses and flowers! We’ve found 10 summer ties (bow ties included) that would be perfect for your wedding.

Summer ties - light blue tie

Lighten it Up

Summer is about light and bright colors and summer ties can change a traditional suit in an instant. Pick a light color and incorporate it in the wedding ties.

Floral summer tie

A Floral Touch

Who said that floral patterns were only for females? Floral patterns can add a unique touch to a tie.

Mix n' match summer bow ties

Mix and Match

No one said that everything in a wedding had to match. Pick a pattern or color scheme that is complementary and add it to the summer ties for your wedding. The mix and match aspect can add a point of difference that is found in simple elements of summer ties.

Selective pattern summer ties

Add Flare

Like we said, everything doesn’t have to match! Pick the same bow tie for the groomsmen and pick a unique, patterned bow tie for the groom. The groom gets to stand out on his big day, but the color scheme still matches the rest of the wedding party. Win-win!

Bright wedding tie

Color Pop

Make summer ties ‘pop’ by picking a bright color. Oranges, blues, greens, and peaches are great options when trying to draw attention to the groom’s tie.

Black tie for groomsman

Keep it Elegant

…Or you could go with the tried and true. Keep it elegant and classic. Stick with the black bow tie and classic suit.

Summer ties - black tie alternative

Change it Up

Perhaps you like the black and white look, but want to make it different. Pick a pattern you love and make it work for you.

Light summer ties

Palette Pairing

Pick the same colors and use them for the groom and groomsmen to create a uniform look, but then highlight a contrasting detail. Think about asking the groomsmen wear bow ties and having the groom wear a full tie to create a point of difference.

Summer ties - peach bow tie

Warm Hues

Summer is all about warm colors. Change a suit by adding warm colors to the groomsmen’s attire — the peach shown here is the perfect color for a summer wedding.

Different tints and tones summer ties

Cover the Spectrum

Pick one color you love and use every shade possible. Use a slightly different shade for each summer tie and each groomsman will have his own hue, plus the look as a whole will have a unique ombre effect.