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11 Winter Ties for a Wonderful Wedding

11 Winter Ties for a Wonderful Wedding

Picking a tie that reflects your personal style, wedding theme, and time of year can be difficult. We made it our mission to find a collection of winter ties that are perfect for any wedding.

Cream/neutral colored tie

Keep It Simple

Sometimes keeping something simple makes it stand out more. Funny how that works, right? Pick a neutral color and you are guaranteed to have a tie that will last you beyond the winter.

Blue polka dot tie

Play with Polka Dots

Adding a simple pattern can take a tie from ‘plain’ to ‘wow’ in seconds. A small pattern, such as a polka dot, can draw the guests’ eyes to show off just how well-styled and fashion forward you are.

Multicolor patterned bow ties

Shake It Up

Do you have a bold personality? A wedding is definitely the time to show it off, so pick winter ties that reflect your style! Perhaps it is a tie that has a pop of color or a fun pattern.

Black tie

Tried & True

The classic black bow tie has never let a man down before. Stick with the tried and true classics and your winter wedding will be a huge success.

White tie

Modern Interpretations

Everyone imagines a black tie at a wedding, so go in a different direction and find white winter ties!

Black floral full length tie

Flirt with Florals

It’s not often that you see a man wearing anything with floral pattern. Perhaps your wedding is the time to step outside your comfort zone. A dark floral pattern will be different, but not distracting.

Brown bow tie

Basic Brown

There is nothing basic about a brown tie. Pick the right shade and you will pull together an outfit that is better than you could have imagined.

Black tie with white piped edging

Play with Piping

Put a spin on the classic black tie and wear one that has the edges piped in white. It’ll create a unique contrast in a simple piece of your outfit and it’ll look great.

Red bow tie

Wedding Ready in Red

It wouldn’t be a winter wedding without a little red. Pair red winter bow ties with light colored suits and you will have a winning combination!

Blue tie

Elegant in Navy

We are ardent fans of the blue suit and tie combination. Every wedding needs something blue, right? It might as well be the groom! Pick a full navy blue tie and you can’t go wrong.

Gray bow tie

Gorgeous Grays

Gray is the most understated, yet most versatile, shade we can find. Having a gray tie in your winter wedding will definitely add something special to any suit!