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15 Grooms with Great Wedding Day Style

15 Grooms with Great Wedding Day Style

15 examples of stylish fellas with cool attire choices to inspire your selections.

1. Just a Pop

Especially when worn with a traditional suit, a little color can be a fun choice. The bright blue tie on this groom is highlighted by the colorful confetti tossed at their ceremony exit.

2. A Wool Vest

For a boho wedding (the one above was in Ireland), a natty vest can be the perfect statement.  We love how this groom paired it with heavy khaki denim and a chambray shirt.

3. Sensational Seersucker

There may be no greater suit statement than seersucker. Joyful and lively, these tiny pin stripes have such a perfect personality for a wedding.  This groom’s lavender and blue tie complements both the fabric and his purple boutonniere.

4. Dashing Tuxedos

As a groom, if you want to look as dashing and debonair as possible, you should definitely go for a tuxedo with a cream jacket.

5. Mix and Match Patterns

Definitely not for newbies, mixing and matching different patterns can be a really dynamic statement on your wedding day. The pairing of this neutral plaid tie and cranberry checked pocket square is a lovely example.

6. A Really Bold Suit

We believe that all brides should look like themselves on their wedding day, wearing the dress they want and the makeup they like.  The same rule applies to grooms.  So, if your guy’s wardrobe is as loud and bold as he is, he should totally rock a look like this red suit above.

7. The Controversial Man-Bun

Whether you are pro or anti man-bun (and every woman seems to have a firm opinion), guys with long locks certainly seem to favor them.  We’ve seen them pop up at weddings everywhere lately.  Grooms, you do you.

8. Destination Casual

If you are going to be tromping through a rainforest or strolling along a beach for your wedding, the groom may not want to wear a traditional suit.  We love this Spanish groom’s relaxed style for his equally laidback wedding.

9. A Man in Uniform

Yep. Always a winner.

10. Honoring Your Heritage

Even if a Scottish man has never worn a kilt in his life, he may like the idea of wearing one on his wedding day. A unique statement filled with ancestral meaning, the bride needs to be on her A-game to make sure he doesn’t steal the show!

11. Sans Tie

We think couples should be as comfortable as they can be on such an important day. So, if he doesn’t like wearing ties, skip it.  This groom above proves you don’t need one to dress sharply.

12. A Bit Retro

For a retro wedding, we love it when the guy plays along with a Don Draper-worthy look. This burgundy suit and black tie is a divine complement to her dazzling sheath.

13. A Fabulous Bow Tie

Much like a bride with a statement necklace, a groom only needs one cool accessory to look suave.  This deep red velvet bow tie is a fabulous pairing with his navy suit.

14. Layered Attire

Especially for autumn or mountain weddings, the weather can be brisk. Your groom can layer up in a wool sweater and tweed jacket for a collegiate-chic vibe.

15. The Groom’s ‘Topper’

We’re always talking about shrugs and wraps for the bride, but never quite get around to discussing how awesome a guy looks in a well-tailored wool coat.  This groom above with his bright red tie and leather gloves is definitely keeping warm in a very stylish way.

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