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5 Ways to Stay Cool in a Wedding Suit During Your Ceremony

5 Ways to Stay Cool in a Wedding Suit During Your Ceremony

Sometimes summer weddings can be a bit on the warm side. Don’t be the groom that’s reading his vows with beads of sweat running down his forehead! Stay cool and comfortable with these tips.

One of the biggest misconceptions about menswear today is that the fabric is always going to be too hot. Many of us have memories of sweating through our suits during graduation or some other formal event. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to keep your cool this summer and still look great in your wedding suit.

1. Choose a breathable fabric

Some years ago, I was a groomsman and was required to wear a rented tuxedo for the ceremony. The fabric was of a poor quality wool and consequently, it was itchy and hot. During the ceremony, I literally had beads of sweat falling down my forehead. Fortunately, not all wools are the same. Some of the finer Austrailian and New Zealand merino wools actually breathe quite well.

However, when it gets really warm, cotton and linen should be your go-to picks. They both breath well and are easy to clean. Or, you could try a seersucker suit. The pucker of the fabric helps to create little air channels that will work to circulate air around you. Bear in mind, however, that seersucker will give your wedding attire a more casual theme.

2. Skip the Socks

Aside from being a style statement, skipping the socks can help keep your feet, and therefore you, cool by improving ventilation. This can make a big difference during an especially warm ceremony. But there are some things to bear in mind. If your feet have a tendency to be a bit on the sweaty side (or smelly!), then maybe you should keep the socks on. Or, try wearing ‘half socks,’ socks that rise to just below your ankle and remain hidden inside your shoe.

3. Go Open Collar

Let’s be clear: This is only for casual weddings. But if that’s the case for your event, then a great way to stay cool in your wedding suit is to get some ventilation around your neck. Leave the neck tie at home and unbutton the top one or two buttons. This will make a world of difference in how your body regulates its temperature.

4. Unbutton Your Cuffs

This is a great way to ventilate your shirt, because any additional opening will help to flush warm air out and keep you cool. But you have to be careful and make sure that this doesn’t look sloppy. Obviously, for French cuff shirts, once you take out the cuff links it’s all over! And even traditional cuff shirts can sometimes act a little unruly when unbuttoned. So, just make sure that your sleeve isn’t too baggy and you’ll be fine.

5. Find an ‘Unstructured Jacket’

Unstructured jackets can be invaluable in warm weather. Unfortunatley, not many guys know about them. Simply put, an unstructured jacket is one that will have very little to no lining inside. Therefore, the jacket will be more breathable and comfortable when the mercury rises. There is the risk that your jacket will come off looking a bit more casual, but if you find a high quality vendor that can properly fit the jacket to your body, then you’ll still look great.

The five tips above are some easy ways to keep your cool this summer at your wedding. Implement just one or two of them and I’m confident you’ll see a difference in your level of comfort at your ceremony.

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