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Boutonnieres to Match Your Wedding Style

We love these ideas for designing a unique boutonniere that incorporates you wedding style.


Finding just the right boutonniere can be a surprisingly difficult task. You want the groom (and his pals) to have a boutonniere that blends in with the rest of the floral details, but you also know he isn’t necessarily looking forward to wearing an entire bouquet on his lapel. Here are some really cool boutonniere options to match your wedding’s style and theme.


Today’s modern weddings are hardly just the stark and minimalist affairs of decades previous. Now, they can be infused with plenty of color, incorporating the latest trends and updating traditional elements. Above, go succulent with these fabulous boutonnieres. Although these are wrapped with twine, you could wrap with ribbon or washi tape for a less rustic appearance. Below, we are dying over these floral boutonnieres all wrapped up in black, white, and sparkling gold.  Anemones and ranunculus both look decidedly modern, having a ruffly appearance but being sturdy enough to withstand an evening of hugs from relatives.


With summer camp-inspired events and woodland wonderland weddings on the rise, a groom needs a super rustic boutonniere to match the occasion.

Does your fella love a good microbrew?  Have your florist create a unique blend of button mums, berries, and hops for the ultimate in woodsy boutonnieres (above).  You can also use other non-traditional elements for your boutonnieres like pine branches, ferns, and pine cones (below).



Still an incredibly popular wedding style, vintage wedding details often feel like a breath of fresh air. They are usually ‘unfussy’ and laidback, with soft colors and natural elements.


Demand for baby’s breath in weddings has soared over the last year. This pretty and very budget-friendly flower is the perfect blend of old-fashioned and simple.  The groomsmen will love this easy boutonniere (above, left) worn either on suspenders or with their seersucker jackets. If you want just a pop of color on his lapel, use a bright, small bloom and pair it with greenery and dusty miller to mute it (above, right)


Preppy weddings are lively, fun, and ever-so-slightly tongue in cheek.  You need a boutonniere to match the whimsical mood of the day!

For nautical events, don’t be afraid to use a knot (with or without a flower) to create a boutonniere that will blend in well with the harbor view (below, left).  Lawn party?  Use plenty of color and pair delightful details like candy-striped ties and gingham jackets with an equally festive boutonniere (below, right).



If you’ve been working on your wedding details for the last year and a half and are currently residing under a pile of felt scraps and Kraft paper, you’re probably having a DIY wedding.  This multi-colored felt leaf boutonniere is subtle and cool (below), and certainly won’t make him feel like he is modeling your latest craft project.

Paper boutonnieres do really well at crafty events. They are another really subtle detail people won’t necessarily pick up on in the audience, so personalize it just to make him smile. Comic fans will love a flower made from the pages of the adventures of their favorite superhero. And bookworms won’t mind you photocopying a few pages to create an anemone shape out of that suspenseful story they love so much.



Your wedding is just like the two of you: completely original and marching to the beat of your own drum.  You need a very creative boutonniere, stat!

Day of the Dead theme?  We love these matching skull boutonniere pins. He can wear one on his lapel, and you can attach the other to your bouquet.

Want a boutonniere that will last awhile, but also be different than any others you guests may have seen?  Wooden boutonnieres are really inventive -and can be used for all different purposes for after the wedding.

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