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Ditch the Jacket: Groom’s Vests Round-Up

   Lately it seems like grooms in modern weddings are stealing a little vintage wedding charm in the form of vests.


These dapper numbers are usually worn without a jacket, and often without ties (depending upon the wedding’s formality).  Vintage wedding fashion has been using this style for years now, especially when paired with dark jeans or khakis, and now it is time for a slightly more updated spin on this casual menswear look!

Above, light gray goes with a multitude of color palettes.  Play it down with basic white, or load it up with a rainbow of colors from your sneakers to your boutonniere.

When it comes to the fit of the vest, looser and boxier automatically looks a little more rustic and laidback.  For a farm or barn wedding, a brown vest like the one below would be perfectly at home.  If you want a more refined look, make sure to look for a slimmer cut, as well as taking it to the tailor for any alterations.   While it shouldn’t be skintight, it should be close-fitting, with just enough room for your shirt to fit comfortably underneath.

It can also be all about the patterns. A classic wool check (above) or herringbone (below) vest will coordinate with a wide variety of colors and styles–so this wardrobe staple is worth the investment.  If your wedding is a little more casual, why not wear a chambray shirt underneath (above)?  Especially for summer, it is a breathable fabric and will look great with any color of dresses on the bridal party.  Speaking of breathable, make sure to think about the seasons.  If you are in a warm-weather climate for your wedding, look for a cotton twill vest, like the one below, rather than one made from wool.


So, the two vest above are exactly the same vest, but one is in gray wool and the other in khaki linen.  This just proves how different a vest look can be depending on color and fabric.  Obviously, the gray wool is more formal, and perhaps even a bit more ‘wintery’ in appearance. The khaki linen is definitely more casual, but would keep a groom very cool at a Southern garden wedding.

For the modern groom that wants to forgo the jacket, but keep the style of a suit, look for more sophisticated vests in dark colors, rich fabrics, and well-designed cuts.  Although some vests are cuts a little shorter nowadays (above), if you are looking for a polished, debonair, style, keep your vest a bit longer (as shown below). This way, you don’t have to worry about your shirt working it’s way out in between the vest and your waistband.

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