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Groom Fashion: Four Easy Ways to Look Your Best

We’re excited to introduce our newest guest blogger, Ryan, who will be joining us each and every month to share his best style tips for grooms.

As co-founder of The Bespoke Edge, a shop specializing in custom menswear, we’re thrilled to see what advice and ideas he has at his disposal – starting with these four simple ways to look your best on your wedding day.

You have the suit or tux, right? So, isn’t that all you need?

Not quite. Remember, the man makes the suit, not the other way around. This month I want to touch on four easy things that you can do to look your best on your big day – practical advice that’s easy to apply and will go a long ways.

Button that jacket

Here’s the golden rule of wearing a suit or tuxedo: When you’re standing, button the jacket. And when you’re seated, or about to sit, unbutton it.

The reason you want to do this, is that the jacket will look very strained and tight around your body if you try sitting with it buttoned. On the other hand, if you’re standing and you’ve left the jacket wide open, it’s just going to look a bit sloppy.

Remember, when your jacket is buttoned, it will accentuate your shoulders, give you that nice V-shape, and basically make you look like a man about to get married.

Pretend you’re not wearing a suit or tuxedo

Today, business casual reigns supreme, and a lot of grooms end up working in offices that don’t require a suit or any sort of formal attire. Consequently, when guys get married, they may be wearing that suit or tuxedo for the first time in a year or more! And so it’s natural to feel a little awkward wearing something new and with a reputation for being very formal.

Best advice I can give you? Put your suit on and then promptly forget you are wearing it. I say this because it’s very common for guys to have a tendency to fidget with their cuff or jacket collar. There’s that little voice in your head that keeps asking “…am I wearing it right, do I look okay?”

So, put your suit on carefully, button only the top jacket button, ask the Best Man how you look, and head out the door!

Practice tying your bow tie (before the wedding!)

The simple truth is that not many guys know how to tie a bow tie until their wedding day. Even I don’t wear bow ties very often! Don’t beat yourself up – it really is a bit tricky and takes some practice to get it right consistently. But what you don’t want to do is to wait until the final hours leading up to your wedding to learn how to tie the knot.

YouTube is a great source for some free tutorials, so start there. And on your big day, don’t assume that you will be able to figure it all out in five minutes. Give yourself plenty of time.

Leave the sunglasses at home

Naturally, there are exceptions. Say, when you’re enjoying the reception at maybe a beach wedding and everybody seems to have their shades on. But unless you have a sunglasses-themed wedding, leave your frames at home.

It’s just good manners to let people see your eyes when you’re having a conversation. Plus, I would argue that years down the road when you’re looking back on your wedding photos, you don’t want to be exclaiming, “…why didn’t I take off my sunglasses!!”

There are lots of ways to look your best on your wedding day, and the four items above are only a mere handful, but these four tips are really meant to help nudge you in the direction of feeling confident on your big day. And knowing that you look sharp makes it all the easier!

Dress sharp guys,

Credits: Bow Tie