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Groom Fashion Ideas & Details for Fall

Groom Fashion Ideas & Details for Fall

Fall is a special time of the year, with its vibrant colors and lovely weather, and we’ve been seeing its influence on groom fashion. It’s a great time to experiment with different hues, textures, and details to help the groom can stand out from the crowd.

tweed groom suit


Fall is the perfect time to go a little “English countryside” and adopt a splash of tweed for the groom’s suit. If you find one with a subtle herringbone pattern, it won’t be at all reminiscent of an old professor, but rather dashing and distinguished.

wool suit jacket


There’s no better time to adopt the wool suit trend than for a fall wedding. It will keep you a bit warmer than a traditional tuxedo and the texture is ideal for a rustic, nature-filled wedding photo shoot.

fall boutenneire


Adopt a more woodsy, warm theme for the groom’s boutonniere, keeping flowers to a minimum and incorporating fall details like branches, glasses, acorns, and leaves.

patterned tie

Patterned Tie

A great groom fashion detail is a patterned tie. It’s a chance to add some personality to an otherwise plain formal ensemble, and reflects well on the trendiness of the leading man.

Chelsea Boot Formal


Traditionally, men wear dress shoes to their wedding ceremony, but truly fashion-forward fellas will consider other alternatives like Chelsea boots. They have an elegant, polished look and simple shape, meaning that they will go well with your suit and might even be a bit more comfortable on a chilly wedding day.

leather suspenders

Leather Details

Autumn is when we bring back the natural materials, the king of which is leather. A great way to incorporate it into groom fashion is either a leather belt or suspenders. Don’t they look fab?

maroon suit


Forget the black, navy, and gray suits at the shop. Fall is the ideal season to bring out a more interesting and vibrant hue: maroon. Whether you decide to go all in with a suit or choose to accessorize with maroon details, you can’t go wrong with this hot color.

brown leather gloves


Fall weather changes every week and is difficult to predict. So if you find that the temperature is abruptly dropping right before the big day, digging up a beautiful pair of leather gloves could be the greatest idea ever. Wear them for any outdoor component of the wedding ceremony or reception.

pocket square

Pocket Square

This fall’s groom fashion brings an end to plain pocket squares. Choose something patterned, vibrant, and attention grabbing. Remember that accessories are everything.



Can’t bring yourself to shave that beard, not even for your wedding day? That’s more than okay! A well-kept beard is the top groom fashion trend of the season. If you are going to grow it out, a fall wedding is the best time to show it off in all its burly glory.