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Groom’s Perspective: I Wish I’d Hired a Wedding Planner

Groom’s Perspective: I Wish I’d Hired a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning advice from a real groom.

This isn’t the first time I’m writing about the experiences of real grooms. Most recently, I interviewed one of my close married friends, Shawn, who said he wished he’d confirmed important logistical details with his vendors. This time, I reached out to my brother, Brett, who recently got married and asked what he learned from the experience. The wedding was at a mountain camp near Durango, Colorado, where he and his wife had actually worked as camp counselors one year. I’ll always remember filling gopher holes with a shovel in the field that would soon host a party tent! Their one mistake? Not hiring a day-of wedding planner.

Brett and his wife didn’t hire a planner, meaning it was up to them to coordinate and design the entire day. ‘We had a friend who was a wedding planner give us some advice and help with a few logistics, but we did not hire a full-time wedding planner,’ Brett said. ‘One thing that I wish we did was to hire a day-of wedding planner who could be there to know when to turn the music on, where extra cups were, and what was right and what was wrong.’

Regarding wedding design, everything turned out great. It certainly helped that both Brett and Carolyn are creative types. ‘Carolyn and I require a high level of detail with everything we do,’ he explained. ‘We care. Which is why we designed our own invitations, table settings, ordered our own flowers and created our own playlist.’

Looking back on the whole wedding experience from my perspective as the best man, I am still amazed at all of the planning that the two of them did. And while working full time jobs, too! The wedding turned out beautiful and of course, Brett and I were in Bespoke Edge suits.

Brett explained that part of the reason they were able to do everything that they did was because they focused on the fundamentals. ‘Pick the top three things that are most important to you as a couple and don’t skimp on them! You can’t do everything, so as a couple decide on what is most important to you.’

For Brett and Carolyn, it was location, photography and style, and they certainly aced those three categories, in my opinion!