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How to Choose a Modern Wedding Suit

How to Choose a Modern Wedding Suit

Here’s everything he needs to know about finding a modern wedding suit.

One of the pros of buying a modern wedding suit is that it gives your groom even more control over what he’s wearing. Of course, a tux will always be more formal than a suit, but if you’re willing to invest the time and money into making a purchase, the latter option can easily become a go-to suit after the honeymoon, too. He will have a great fitting and versatile suit in his closet that he can wear in the office or for special occasions.

However, to make good use of your money and to find the perfect modern wedding suit, you need to know a few things about…

1. Fabric

Consider this: If a guy is looking to buy just one suit, it should be navy blue — arguably the most versatile suit fabric out there. It’s going to work great for a date night or evening out, it will check the box for formal occasions, and it will quickly become an office staple. To really get a fabric win, look for something that’s 100% European wool and smooth to the touch; this fabric will be breathable enough to be worn year round.

2. Lapel

For the uninitiated, the lapel is the collar of a suit jacket. When you are shopping for a suit, you’re really going to be confronted with two choices: notched or peaked lapel. The former is the standard and can be worn just about anywhere, but the reason I recommend a peaked lapel on a suit is that it is a bit bolder than the notched style. It’s your wedding after all!

3. Lining

Today, modern wedding suits will often have an interesting lining. Manufacturers finally seem to be realizing that consumers want something unique besides the generic black, or otherwise dark, default lining. Find a good suit provider and you’ll see a range of fun colors, polka dots, stripes, etc. Regardless of pattern or print, I recommend finding something that has a little bit of sheen to it and catches the eye nicely.

4. Pockets

For an elegant and sophisticated look, find a suit with ‘besom’ pockets. Streamlined, clean, and somewhat subdued, they provide an air of sophistication. It almost appears that the familiar pocket flap has been folded inside, and on some suits this can actually be done. However, on other suits, there will be no flap at all and the pocket won’t even be functional! But that’s OK, because if you use your jacket pockets frequently (most guys don’t), you’ll eventually distort the fabric and the fabric won’t lay flat.

5. Working Buttons

You know those buttons on the cuff of a suit jacket that always seem to be there just for show? Yes, those drive me crazy too. That’s why I recommend finding a modern wedding suit with working button holes (aka ‘surgeon cuffs’) – the way that they were meant to be. And what’s fun about having working button holes is that while at the wedding reception, your groom can unbutton a couple buttons for an ever-so-slightly casual look.

6. Monogramming

I added this one to the list not because I think it’s required in a modern wedding suit, but just because I think it’s a nice touch. For something as special as your wedding, I feel that it’s important to mark the suit in some clever way. Whether that means your name, your wedding date, or even your signature (in thread form!), monogramming is a great capstone to your modern wedding suit.

What are your thoughts? What am I missing from the list above? Let me know in the comments below! And learn more about what he needs to know about finding the perfect wedding suit here.