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Stylish Engagement Party Attire for Him

Stylish Engagement Party Attire for Him



If your groomed is stumped on how to dress for your upcoming engagement party, use this list as inspiration.



all black outfits



All Black Everything


Save the white for your wedding day. Show up to your engagement party with your future hubby in head-to-toe black. It’s classy, timeless and always flattering.




floral print tie



Flower Power


A chambray button down and a floral print with khakis make for a comfy and casual look that won’t have your fiance begging to change clothes.

matching bride and groom shirts



Comfy Tee


If comfort is the goal for you and your groom, opt for these Mr. and Mrs. tees. Pair with jeans and your favorite sneakers for a laidback look.




man in white sweater



Bright White


The bride isn’t the only one who can rock white. Let your man rock it at your engagement party. For an extra dose of polished style, layer it with different whites and ivories.




suit without tie



Tie Free


Let him leave the tie at home because he won’t need it to look amazing in this fitted suit.




suit with turtleneck





If you’re having an engagement party in the fall, the temperature can be a bit unpredictable. Have your beau pair his suit with a turtleneck for a layered look that’s sure to keep him warm.




colorful suit jacket



Statement Blazer


Encourage your groom to stand out with a patterned or bright colored blazer. Take it a step further and have a piece of your wardrobe match his.







Bomb Style


If you and your groom are ultra laidback, there’s no need for an over-the-top engagement party when you’d enjoy a brunch at a new trendy spot in town. For this, your beau can’t go wrong with a bomber jacket, jeans and Timberlands. It’s a trendy outfit with minimal effort.




classic navy suit



Fitted Suit


Sometimes, a simple suit just works. It fits perfectly and never disappoints.




wooden bow tie



Bowtie Love


Wooden bowties are the newest trendy necktie wear for men. The handcarved hearts on this one are perfect for a fun day that is sure to be filled with lots of love.