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The Best Holiday Ties and Bow Ties for Your Groom

The Best Holiday Ties and Bow Ties for Your Groom

Help your groom get into the holiday spirit with these festive holiday ties. They’ll be perfect for your groom, his groomsmen and even some special guests.

paisley bow tie

Pretty Paisley

A detailed silver paisley woven into this forest green bow tie is an excellent choice for a groom that loves the holidays, but isn’t too fond of bright red ties.

red knit tie

Knitted and Fitted

You wear knitted hats and gloves in the winter, so why not a tie? We can’t promise a knitted tie will keep you warm the way a scarf will, but we can promise it will look amazing!

holly bow tie

Mistletoe Madness

We’re pretty sure your groom won’t need this bow tie to kiss the bride, but better safe than sorry, right? And since love is bound to be in the air at your ceremony, consider outfitting your groomsmen with these bow ties. One kiss could change everything!

Christmas bow tie

Festive Flowers

Poinsettias are a quintessential part of the holidays, especially in a beautiful deep red color. This bow tie makes them part of your holiday-inspired wedding, too!

winter white tie

Winter Whites

Neutral holiday ties on your beau and his groomsmen are a great idea for your big day. A simple white tie paired with a holiday corsage will go a long way!

gold and white bow tie

Golden Snow

With a touch of gold and delicate snowflakes, what’s not to love?

dreidel tie

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

This holiday tie will have your guests wanting to spin the dreidel all night long at your Hanukkah wedding celebration.

colorful plaid tie

Christmas Plaid

Plaid isn’t just for flannels, it looks pretty good on holiday ties, too!

red striped tie

Candy Cane Stripes

Peppermint isn’t just an iconic flavor of the season, it’s also an iconic pattern.

Christmas tree tie

Merry Trees

Red and green? Christmas trees? Sleek and skinny style? Check, check and check.