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The Number One Thing You’re Overlooking for Your Wedding

The Number One Thing You’re Overlooking for Your Wedding

Here’s why having a sharply dressed groom is more important than you think.

There are so many moving pieces in a wedding that one is often left until the very end: groom’s attire. While finding a great looking suit or tuxedo doesn’t have to be complicated, it can take some time and planning. For instance, a groom’s outfit should match his partner’s in terms of formality (a midnight blue tuxedo may not be the best option alongside that indie gown). And remember, no one likes running around at the last minute to find the right neck tie or pocket square. Here are some big reasons why it’s wise to leave plenty of time to design his look.

Picture Perfect

As a bride, you will have spent hours finding the perfect gown and seeing to it that the necessary alterations come out absolutely flawless. Your groom, on the other hand, is often told to ‘just show up.’ While it’s true that us guys can get ready for the big day pretty quickly, ‘just showing up’ sure leaves a lot to chance, doesn’t it?

I’ve had plenty of wedding photographers explain to me how a groom can photo bomb his own photos by not looking sharp! Grooms usually have a tougher time posing for photos as is. Fortunately, the easy part can be wearing a nice looking suit. Here are some key things to look for when fitting a suit or tuxedo:

Major Investment

Whereas you may only be able to wear your gown once, he can wear his suit or tuxedo many times over in the future. A great looking suit can work for the office, date night, or really, any fancy event down the road. The right suit jacket may even work on its own as a blazer.

Naturally, renting will be less expensive than buying anything, whether it’s off-the-rack, made-to-measure, or custom (true bespoke). But if you and your groom can afford to buy, it’s certainly a smart investment.

Carry it With Confidence

Make no mistake, a man’s suit is today’s equivalent of a suit of armor. I see it every time we put a suit on a new client, they just feel like a million bucks. There’s even research to back this up. Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire wrote a book a few years back called Mind What you Wear. She argues that clothing can affect a person’s mental processes. For men, that can mean that putting on a new suit and getting a haircut can result in a big confidence boost. What we like to say at Bespoke Edge is that the suit doesn’t make the man, but that it sure does help!

So What?

Basically? Plan ahead! Don’t leave shopping for groom’s attire until the very last month (or week!). Get this process started early — three or four months out — and you’ll be setting yourself and your groom up for success!