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Tie Trends for Modern Grooms

When it comes to a statement accessory, grooms can be pretty limited. So, let him express himself with a favorite tie!

Modern grooms like a tie that will coordinate with his suit, the wedding’s palette, and reflect his style. Here are some of our favorite tie trends that are sure to let him show his personality.


Ditch the whole ‘flowers aren’t for guys’ thing, because today’s man has no problem embracing pretty blooms. Especially favored in small scale prints, these ties can be a nod to the theme (such as a garden wedding) or just be a fun way for him to celebrate the romance of the day.  For a groom wearing a light gray or navy suit, this navy and white floral pattern (below) is a refined, but playful choice.

Are sherbet brights a big part of your color scheme?  See if he likes a botanical print tie in aqua (below, left) or a peppy pink tie with sweet little daisies (below, right). Both of these ties would blend well with any color suit, from linen to black.


Stripes & Checks

These traditional tie patterns are given a modern makeover with these sleek options!  First, go monochromatic with your stripes if you want the effect of texture rather than color.  You can so this with any shade, and either vary the tones (such as with this bone and khaki tie on the left) or by just adding woven stripes in the same color thread (below, right).

Rustic themed weddings are great places for checked pattern ties. To update this look, play around with large scale (below, left) or by using dynamic, modern hues, such as with this lavender and charcoal example (below, right).


Bold Design

Want to take it a step further?  Find a tie with a highly graphic design and combine it with an eye-catching color combo. We love both this black and white polka dot and cobalt and black horizontal stripe for a sophisticated look.  Best with dark suits and a classic shirt, these ties will definitely stand out in photos!

Offbeat Colors

Why wouldn’t you wear a gorgeous mustard yellow tie on your wedding day?  If it goes reasonably well with the palette, and you love it, embrace this festive trend.  We think this tie below with microscopic white dots would go beautifully with a deep charcoal gray suit.

Likewise, if you are a guy that doesn’t really go for subtlety (you did propose via JumboTron, after all), pick a statement pattern in vivid colors, such as this plaid in bright red, cobalt, and black.

Novelty Patterns

Believe it or not, novelty patterns are making a comeback, especially at preppy weddings.  Modern grooms with a sense of humor will love these whimsical designs, whether they be mint juleps at a Southern wedding or tiny foxes at a lodge-themed event. Just make sure to avoid anything so large scale that it looks like something from a white elephant gift exchange. And, no, keyboard ties are never going to be a part of this trend.  Ever.  So, put it back in your closet.

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